Gavin Schmidt Explains Why NOAA Data Tampering Is Illegitimate

NOAA has been rapidly losing station temperature data in recent years, and now more than 40% of their US data is fake. If they don’t have temperature data at a station in particular month, they simply make it up.

Their fake data massively skews the US temperature record. The fake data is warming more than twice as fast as the raw data. Fake data now makes up nearly half of the US temperature record, and has a huge impact on NOAA and NASA temperature graphs.

In 2010, NASA’s Gavin Schmidt explained why NOAA’s fake data wrecks the US temperature record.

Gavin Schmidt: Global weather services gather far more data than we need. To get the structure of the monthly or yearly anomalies over the United States, for example, you’d just need a handful of stations, but there are actually some 1,100 of them. You could throw out 50 percent of the station data or more, and you’d get basically the same answers.

NASA Climatologist Gavin Schmidt Discusses the Surface Temperature Record

If NOAA simply ignored the missing data, they would still get an accurate answer. But by fabricating data which suits their confirmation bias, they creating non-existent warming.

This is the biggest scam in science history, and ends in six days.

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15 Responses to Gavin Schmidt Explains Why NOAA Data Tampering Is Illegitimate

  1. richard verney says:

    “… over the United States, for example, you’d just need a handful of stations…You could throw out 50 percent of the station data or more…”

    So why don’t they. All the stations should be audited as per Watts Surface Station Project, and one should identify the best sited stations with no encroachment of urbanisation, without any station moves whatsoever, best practices of record keeping, the ones that have the longest continuous uninterupted record, and those that have not altered their TOB. This might be no more than 100 or 50 even. So be it. The collection of good quality data is paramount, and it would be better to have just a handful of really good quality station data rather than have this good data corrupted by many hundreds, perhaps even a thousand crap stations.

    One would then compile the record in parts, breaking when equipment changed, eg when LIG thermometers were replaced. One would not try and bridge this break point, since that creates an uncertain adjustment. We can then assess how much warming took place up to the point where LIG thermometers were replaced, and how much warming has taken place after the replacement, but not trying to create one continuous record.

    The same approach could be undertaken in every country. Each country could simply supply a handful, perhaps 10 or 20 really good and uncorrupted station data, and we could then look at each country separately. This would be no bad thing since Climate is regional, not global, and we know from the satellite data that global warming is nothing like global, but is regional.

    This is what BEST should have done. It was a chance to reboot the land based thermometer record, and it should have weeded out all poorly sited stations, and used entirely pristine rural stations. IT is unfortunate that this was an opportunity missed.

      • richard verney says:


        A very interesting article on Jo Nova’s site. It would appear that Frank Lansner has done some good work, and this should be followed through (checked/replicated etc). It was interesting to note the close correlation between tress ring data and inland global raw data.

        There are multiple lines of evidence that suggest that the temperature today is no warmer than it was circa 1940. That is rather significant in relation to the claim that CO2 drives temperature since man has emitted about 95% of all his CO2 emissions since 1940.IF the temperature today is broadly similar to the temperatures in around 1940, then it would appear that 95% of all manmade Co2 emissions have done diddly squat. This would suggest that Climate Sensitivity, if any at all, to CO2 is zero or close thereto.

    • Gail Combs says:

      BEST had no intention of doing a decent study. BEST was all about a ‘sceptical,’ Muller, redoing the data and presenting an ‘independent’ analysis (by a sceptic) so he could say the data made him change from a ‘skeptic’ to a ‘true believer’

      This is why he rushed to publish in the MSM and why he got Anthony Watts entangled in the study. The whole study was nothing but Kabuki Theatre. used to gaslight the general public who was losing faith in the CAGW Priesthood.

      Mosher and Zeke Hausefather are Trojan Horses that betrayed Anthony IMHO.

      • tonyheller says:

        BEST was obviously a scam from day one, and several of us warned Watts and Curry about about it.

        • Gail Combs says:

          I know Tony,

          Anthony is too trusting for his own good.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          In hindsight I think the most plausible explanation is that Richard Muller did have a plan from day one, positioning himself as a rational scientific critic of the excessive claims of the global warming hypothesis, with his YouTube-posted lecture among other things. I don’t consider myself naive but it was not obvious to me at the time what he was doing.

          From strategy point of view, what he’d done was pure genius by forcing himself—and his people—onto the gravy train as a “former skeptic”. If he came out straight with his support he would have been nobody, just one out of thousands begging for crumbs at the Team’s table.

      • AndyG55 says:

        Mosh has zero science background and was hired purely as a frontman/salesman, yet he is someone you wouldn’t buy a used car from.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    You can clearly see that in the measured temperature 1998 is hotter than 2017. But not in the Fake temperature. The pause continues. Or should I say … the decline continues. Yes, it’s a decline since 1998, and certainly since 1938! They are Hiding the Decline ♫.

  3. CheshireRed says:

    ‘This scam ends in 6 days’.

    I like your certainty Tony. Inside information…..?

  4. The steepness of the fraud curves immediately after Nader’s Econazis helped defeat the Dems in Y2k shows the importance of spoiler votes in shaping policies adopted by the major kleptocracy factions. Video footage of Trump being fawned over by glossolalian televangelists does not augur well for anyone who expects God’s Own Prohibitionists to abandon the Tea Party and Creation Science agenda in order to militate for physics and chemistry applied to electrical engineering and atmospheric science. The Millerites, National Socialists, Communists and now Climate Cassandras all had their Great Disappointments.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Don’t bet on that Hank.

      Trump needed as broad an appeal as possible. If you will note he stayed away from abortion and other such topics and said they are matters for the states not the federal government.

      Why is it that everyone forgets the Renaissance and the Enlightenment that lead to the Industrial Revolution were created BY CHRISTIANS?

      …One sidebar: While the Enlightenment tried to curtail the power of Kings and The Church, it was NOT an anti-religious movement. In the USA we see this clearly in the fairly strong presence of religion in The Founders. Congress opened with a prayer. So too the Courts. It was a later twist that turned the “Age of Reason” into “Humanism” and away from religion altogether. That thread reaches back through Renaissance Humanism and eventually ends in something called Secular Humanism. When someone speaks of the “Separation of Church and State” meaning no official state religion (but religion in the Public Square is OK), that is a Renaissance Humanist, headed into the Enlightenment ideals. When they say it instead means “Ban God from school and the public square”, they have moved into Secular Humanism….

      LINK major discussion on morals and ethics without Gods — LINK

      This addresses WHY Marxists/Communists/ hate religion:

      Remember Dr Spencer is an evangelical.

      Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Sec of State candidate wants to see a science and engineering badge in boy scouts.

      Trump himself is trained as an economist and as a builder.

      PUBLIUS HULDAH says of herself:

      Lawyer, philosopher & logician. Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution. Passionate about The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus.

      I just quoted passages on the Constitution by her.

      TCH, which is very much a Judeo-Christian website often had a quote up by Any Rand.

  5. richard says:

    all temps in Africa , one fifth of the world’s land mass, are estimated-

    Because the data with respect to in-situ surface
    air temperature across Africa is sparse, a one-
    year regional assessment for Africa could not
    be based on any of the three standard global
    surface air temperature data sets from NOAA-
    NCDC, NASA-GISS or HadCRUT4 Instead, the
    combination of the Global Historical Climatology
    Network and the Climate Anomaly Monitoring
    System (CAMS GHCN) by NOAA’s Earth System
    Research Laboratory was used to estimate
    surface air temperature patterns.

  6. Coastal real estate in South Africa is at a premium compared to non-coastal. Aukland is all-coastal and property values there are rising steeply. In those two places property owners so not believe the “whoopee, we’re all gonna drown” prophecies of the Gaian Faith. Elsewhere, coastal property value trend charts are scarcer’n hen’s teeth, but nowhere is there a selloff by homeowners fleeing inland and building arks. Could this, like the election returns, be evidence that homes are owned by ye of little Faith in government ex-scientists?

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