The Pinocchio Approach To Climate Science

The new normal is to ramp up the lies further with each sentence.

Climate Change Seas rising 60 percent faster

PARIS, Nov 28, 2012 (AFP) – Sea levels are rising 60-percent faster than the UN’s climate panel forecast in its most recent assessment, scientists reported on Wednesday.

At present, sea levels are increasing at an average 3.2 millimetres (0.125 inches) per year, a trio of specialists reported in the journal Environmental Research Letters. This compares with a “best estimate” by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007, which projected that by today, the rise would be 2 mm (0.078 inches) per year. The new figure converges with a widely-shared opinion that the world is heading for sea-level rise of around a metre (3.25 feet) by century’s end, co-author Grant Foster of US firm Tempo Analytics told AFP

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Sea level rise has slowed since 2007, and even with the phony current numbers he used – there would only be 30 cm of rise by the end of the century.

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Climate scientists better hope that there isn’t a hell. What a bunch of scumbags. I am so sick of them telling lies and having them parroted by the useful idiots in the press.

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8 Responses to The Pinocchio Approach To Climate Science

  1. Me says:

    Steven it doesn’t really matter to them anymore, their hell will come temporarily when their bullshit they have been pushing comes crashing down on them, but then again they know the system and can squeeze back in school on another government milk tit and cruse onto another thang to scare people out of their green…. 😆

  2. It’s interesting that the 2mm is quoted as being predicted in 2007 – when it was already running at 3.1mm.

    Unless, of course, the IPCC were forecasting a drop in the rate of rise.(which they weren’t).

  3. gator69 says:

    Pinocchio was a puppet made from a hickory tree who dreamed of being a real boy. Mann is a puppet made from a bristle cone pine tree, who dreams of being a real scientist.

  4. The satellite altimeter data rise (3 mm/y) does not agree well with the tide gauges data (which is where the 2 mm/y comes from) — and, as Steven noted above, the altimeter data 2007-2012 shows 1.6 mm/y. There is less than 20 years of altimeter data, more than 40 years of tide gauge data — much more, as there is a reference to a rise of “one inch every 12 years” (that is 2.1 mm/y) as far back as 1938, in Steven’s earlier post, Government of Whiners (in The Pittsburgh Press newspaper, March 8, 1938, under the title, “Pacific Islands Due to Decrease”). Rahmstorf et al. are counting on the old saying, “Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” But that so many scientists today are (spoiled) children is obscene — and, to this physicist, criminal.

  5. ralphcramdo says:

    This may be a little OT, BUT if the planet Mercury can have ice at it’s north pole how can the Earth’s north pole be melting due to CO2? (Of course it isn’t)

    It’s Official! Water Ice Discovered on Mercury

    It’s time to add Mercury to the list of worlds where you can go ice-skating. Confirming decades of suspicion, a NASA spacecraft has spotted vast deposits of water ice on the planet closest to the sun.

    Temperatures on Mercury can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius), but around the north pole, in areas permanently shielded from the sun’s heat, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft found a mix of frozen water and possible organic materials.

    Evidence of big pockets of ice is visible from a latitude of 85 degrees north up to the pole, with smaller deposits scattered as far away as 65 degrees north.

  6. Richard T. Fowler says:

    In fairness, I suspect that the relative lack of atmosphere causes a more efficient re-radiation of energy, and consequently much less transfer of heat from equator to poles than we see on Earth.

    Nontheless, like you, I see no credible evidence that Earth’s north pole is presently melting. Thankfully Steven has extensively documented this reality.

    To Steven’s point about the lies getting parroted by the press, the solution obviously is to get the people to turn upon the press, and then the press will turn upon the liars. Easier said than done, I know.


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