1930s Germany

The German government did some pretty nasty stuff, and they did it right out in the open. People turned a blind eye – because the government told them that their survival depended on it.

Fast forward to America in 2012.

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  1. philjourdan says:

    Kitty Genovese was in the 60s. Not much has changed in blue states since then.

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Yes, the really nasty stuff must be done out in the open. The stuff that damages the most lives. You can hide the 4 or 5 life Benghazi type stuff.

  3. I’m not sure dramatic analogies to 1930’s Germany is required. Twentyu years ago I was on a tour in New Zealand and walked up to a bus queue with 30 people patiently waiting. The bus hadn’t arrived yet. My friend and I surveyed the bus stop and concluded people were queuing there because that was where the previous bus must have stopped when it was busy. But the bus driver would be foolish to stop there again as he would be blocking other buses from access. So we two queued where logically the next bus should stop.

    Of course the bus did stop where we had queued and we got on right away, and 30 people glared at us as they had to walk over from their line. My friend muttered a comment about there being a lot of sheep in NZ.

  4. Ben says:

    Everything wasn’t in the open until NSDAP established total control.

    Despite its scale, the Aufrüstung was largely a secret operation, carried out mostly in a cloak-and-dagger manner through organizations (some of which were racketeer-style fronts) engaged in covert operations. Disclosures of Nazi re-armament by Carl von Ossietzky won him the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Reichstag – February 27, 1933 arson attack on the Reichstag was done in secret and blamed on the communists

    Eugenics – “Rassenhygiene”
    In the six years before World War II, the Nazi doctors sterilized some 400,000 people, mostly German citizens living in asylums. The Genetic Health Court proceedings were secret, and the decisions could rarely be reversed.

    What is ironic is the early 1930s eugenics were mostly in secret, but by the late 1930s, extermination was in the open.

    • Sundance says:

      The German “Green Wing” Party were co-opted by Hitler and spun a story about capitalist Jews being anti-Nature greedy bastards. Dehumanizing Jews was the way to gather national support for blaming the Jews for all of Germany’s problems. The playbook is no different today with the exception of labeling, Jews are now the wealthy, conservatives, deniers, etc which are attacked and dehumanized and the scope of attack is global via the UN rather than just Germany.

      • These ideas arose from the philosopher Nietzsche who regarded Christianity as fundamentally anti-nature. Since the Nazi’s were sympathetic to certain Nietzschean ideas, the ‘back to nature’ theme became part of their convoluted ideology. (Although I would be careful about pushing this notion too far in any particular direction.)

      • Sundance says:

        It was my intent to only address the convoluted thinking involved and that most humans with untrained and undisciplined minds are susceptible to “brain programming” via propaganda.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Yes, the was a lot of “survival of the fittest” aspect to the Nazi dream of an Aryan superior race, derived from Darwin and Nietzche. Ultimately caused the slaughter of millions of innocent people thru genocide plus 50 million more killed in WW II to put an end to that nonsense.

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