The Evil American Way Of Life

When I was a child, tens of millions of people in communist China were literally starving to death.

Then evil American consumers started buying manufactured goods from Asia, and now China is prosperous. Lefties consider consumerism to be evil – because they hate themselves and they hate others.

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15 Responses to The Evil American Way Of Life

  1. philjourdan says:

    Just thinking about what my momma use to tell me “eat your liver, there are starving kids in Africa!”.

    50 years later the mantra is “play with your iPhone! There are starving kids in China!”.

  2. gator69 says:

    In our arrogance, we wiped out an entire species, Poliovirus.

  3. kbray in california says:

    Always inventive, America has a solution for jobless and starving populations…

    Gotta love that outsourcing.

    I’m waiting for our government to progress to “Goodie Stamps”, providing free manufactured goods to all those needing a redistribution handout. We’re almost there.

  4. Mike Mangan says:

    In Michigan today…

    Violence readily condoned by the Thug-in-Chief.

  5. Andy DC says:

    I wonder if free trade was a mistake, bidding manufacturing out to the cheapest labor worldwide. Inevitably lead to outsourcing of good American jobs.

  6. American consumerism made a handful of sweatshop owners in the “Special Enterprise Zones” of China rich. Mao Tse-Tung’s regime, cultivated by the British Fabian Society in order to stop the Christian Sun Yat-Sen from building a mighty industrialized republic modeled on the U.S.A., destroyed most of China’s wealth. The “one-child-per-couple” law is straight from Lord Bertrand Russell.

    What China needs from the U.S.A. today is for the U.S.A. to divorce the British-Saudi Empire, by impeaching Obama for illegal war, war crimes, assassinations, and support of jihadist terrorists, which are a greater menace to China than to the U.S.A. Next, China needs for the U.S.A. to drop its green ideology, stop the bank bailouts, restore Glass-Steagall, and build NAWAPA, as it was seriously considering when JFK was assassinated, and restore the space program to the level of importance and budget (measured in terms of actual buying power) that JFK gave it. With that, China can have confidence in the value of the U.S. bonds and currency that it holds, and the U.S.A. will once again be a good example for China to emulate.

    In other words, consumerism is okay IF it is matched with producerism and progress, NOT predation or cannibalism!

  7. savebyj says:

    This is, has, and always will be about power. People reveal the evil inside of them numerous ways but one that is common is the desire to rule over others (yes, even in the Church unfortunately). God’s plan was always for man to rule the Universe under his guidance and after the fall for man to rule himself with judges to decide differences and prosecute evil. Totalitarian forms of leadership reveal the evil desire of people wanting to be gods over other people. They are trying to be the thing they say don’t believe in.

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