27 Dead In Connecticut

An official with knowledge of Connection school shooting tells the Associated Press that 27 people are dead, including 18 children.

Many of the shootings took place in a kindergarten classroom, sources told the Hartford Courant. The gunman is reported dead.

One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still under way, says the man apparently had two guns.

Connecticut school shooting – chicagotribune.com

What a nightmare. Sandy Hook is a beautiful place in the hills with a reputation for top notch schools. This news is devastating for me. I have a child who goes to school in Littleton, Colorado – where America’s worst school shooting occurred in 1999.

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21 Responses to 27 Dead In Connecticut

  1. School was like an extension of home when we were that young; every adult looked out for every kid, and as kids we trusted that. But some, like me, were so trusting that even if this had happened, if it had not happened specifically to me or those in my room, it wouldn’t have shaken my basic trust of school and grownups–it would have been exciting, hearing about it afterward. I thought of this after I saw one very young boy, hopping up and down–excited but not seeming scared–behind a reporter giving information. It sounds like a whole kindergarten class was killed, now. Was it just a crazed parent, or political terrorism? How do we comfort the parents who lost their youngest? This is what a loving church can do best.

  2. gator69 says:

    This beyond shocking and utterly unbelievable. How a human being can have committed such an atrocity against the truly innocent, and against all that is good on our society I will never understand. What a monster.

  3. Pathway says:

    I’m sure it was another gun free zone.

    • These massacres always occur in places where the shooter knows there are no guns.

      • Andy says:

        That is not right, spree killings have even happened at US army bases.
        They have the advantage of surprise so they get the victims.
        You have to take the guns out at source not have people shooting back because that is inefficient.

        You are going to have to suck up to this continuing to happen until the US stops thinking it is John Wayne in the 19th C protecting the ranch and get into the 21st Century.

        Sorry, but that is a fact. As long as you have so many guns you will have too many spree killings.

        • As usual you have no idea what you are talking about. The Fort Hood shooting occurred in the mess hall because no guns are allowed. Obviously if the soldiers had guns, the shooting never would have happened.

          How stupid can you get?

  4. Glacierman says:

    Piers Morgan, a transplanted Brit, has apparently won the race to politicize the event.

  5. Brad says:

    So many things in life cannot be explained and impossible to comprehend. A man walks into a kindergarten class and opens fire, killing a bunch of 5 year olds. Two hand guns and .223 rifle so far are known to be in his possession. My dream is in their darkest moments of irrational thought and warped reality, these evil people put the gun in their own mouths and pull the trigger

    • Andy says:

      But this happened before


      And you learnt nothing from it.

      “After gaining entry to the school, Hamilton made his way to the gymnasium and opened fire on a Primary One class of five- and six-year-olds, killing or wounding all but one person.[6] Fifteen children died together with their class teacher,”

      That’s from 1996.

      All these years later and exactly the same thing.

      Because some bloke who had a grudge had a gun which gave him more power than he could have otherwise.


  6. Scott says:

    I read that the killer was an ex school teacher who had been fired. Wow we live in a sick culture.


  7. u.k.(us) says:

    Get our ~50,000 troops out of Germany, and put one in each of our schools.
    (never happen?, probably shouldn’t?, it is getting worse !!).

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    Just terrible !!

  9. savebyj says:

    It amazes me how many people deny the existance of evil and Satan. There is no other logical explanation of how a man can decide with preparation and planning to kill an entire room of children. How does one get these thoughts? How does one get the resolve to follow through? How does one continue to pull the trigger after killing the first child. This man had to invite something inhuman into him and pledge himself to evil.

    I take comfort in the fact that there will be a judgement day and there will be eternal punishment for this man. A torment far worse than anything he inflicted on these children.

  10. nigelf says:

    Terrible event but I can’t help but think some of these are dry runs for our very own “Beslan”.

  11. Andrew says:

    Dead mom is at fault. She should have kept her guns locked up, and been the only one to know the combination to the lock. Same for the other recent shooting at the mall where the whacko stole the gun from someone he knew. If those guns were locked up these sprees would have been much more difficult to carry out. People who own guns should own them responsibly and keep them securely out of other peoples access when not using them themselves.

    @nigelf, Beslan was an entirely different scenario where Islamic separatists took a school hostage.

  12. stephanie says:

    In my opinion teachers and other staff members shouldn’t be left unarmed and a number of important changes to gun legislation should be implemented as quickly as possible to prevent such atrocities. I have two children and I can’t even imagine being in a similar situation. When I heard the news I was thinking about the safety regulations in my own country. A few days ago I read an article on my native Vancouver which is often presented as one of the most liveable cities with the safest neighborhoods in the world but only now I realize that you are never truly protected anywhere. And the risks your children are exposed to every day are omnipresent when the safety regulations are imperfect.

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