Hansen 2003 : Soot Twice As Bad As CO2

Soot particles may be twice as bad as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming, suggests a new study.

Grains of soot deposited in snow have also caused about one-quarter of the observed rise in global surface temperature since 1880, suggests the model by James Hansen and Larissa Nazarenko. The pair examined how soot particles affect the atmosphere when they darken snow and ice.

Soot worse for global warming than thought – 22 December 2003 – New Scientist

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4 Responses to Hansen 2003 : Soot Twice As Bad As CO2

  1. Bill Irvine says:

    Only when the sun shines on the soot. When the sun is below the horizon or otherwise hidden the soot will radiate heat resulting in net cooling of the snow on which it lies.

  2. Well, it is has to be, doesn’t it? Since the “CO2 as ‘greenhouse gas’ ” mantra is showing to be increasingly untrue.

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