Hansen – Drowning The Planet For Three Decades

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2 Responses to Hansen – Drowning The Planet For Three Decades

  1. Roman Seaports in the Mediterranean show that sea level there has risen 1-metre since the first Century BC. That is a rate of 50-mm per Century up till now. I cannot see any sign of accelerating sea rise evidence at present. We may well see another 50-mm. rise over the next Century unless something very unusual happens.

  2. Andy DC says:

    It was difficult for the alarmists to push their warming agenda in the 1980’s while nearly every winter was producing a devastating citrus freeze in Florida and killing off most of the orange trees.
    More severe citrus freezes in the 1980’s than the whole rest of the 20th Century combined. And obviously CO2 was rising between 1900 and 1989.

    Also, summers dramatically cooled between the 1930’s and 1970’s with CO2 rising the whole time.

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