McKibben’s Record Mindless Streak Continues

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Twitter / billmckibben: At last! Blizzard ending record …

During the summer, McKitten blamed the lack of storms on global warming, and then when a storm happened he blamed it on global warming. Universities love this guy because he is completely irrational – like their faculty.

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5 Responses to McKibben’s Record Mindless Streak Continues

  1. u.k.(us) says:

    Report from Chicago suburb:
    Spring came 3 weeks early this year.
    Then it was a drought year.
    Fall was rather dry?, nothing to talk about.

    Short term:
    Looks like (24 hours out), we’ll get a lot of rain while the blizzard stays 65 miles west.
    Then a quick burst of 3-6 inches of (heart attack) snow when the cold front comes through.
    Might be a white christmas after all, the average is 38%.
    More snow forecast on christmas day!
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    Looking forward to the snow and a white Christmas. Hopefully not too many traffic fatalities and power outages (30-40 mph winds, 50-60 mph gusts).

  3. Ivan says:

    Perhaps he can look forward to story lines like this to gladden his heart:
    “Statictics collected throughout Europe show that deaths due to the so-called “ice age” is approaching 20,000. At least 2,500 deaths, owing to influenza, have occurred in France. There have been several hundred deaths from drowning and shipwreck, of which 120 were in Holland, 120 in Germany, 50 in Italy and more than 100 have been reported as frozen to death in Europe, though deaths indirectly due to the intense cold are incalculable. To-day’s reports show there is little abatement of the wintry conditions.”
    ~15 Feb 1929

  4. Ilma630 says:

    He even jumped on the “5 degF warming causes blindness” junk paper that WUWT has just so easily blasted to pieces. The guy is a mindless nut, and I’ve heard him speak in person – not a true word spoken.

  5. gator69 says:

    “Universities love this guy because he is completely irrational – like their faculty.”

    Universities have become the seminaries of the left.

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