What We Have Learned About Climate Science

It appears that most climate scientists don’t know jack about anything, and are largely a bunch of mindless blowhards in search of parasitic funding.

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16 Responses to What We Have Learned About Climate Science

  1. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    Funding and Fame . . . All those getting interviews on local and national TV, the flattery in the press, the moral superiority that can be sold to gullible advertisers and funders.

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    AGW, more proof that people will say anything for a buck.

  3. suyts says:

    Yeh, that about sums it up.

  4. That’s a little harsh but it’s true a small group of ‘media whores’ have ruined the field. I don’t have a problem with scientists knowing little about a particular research field. The problem is the pretension to know things they don’t actually know.

  5. Rent Seeking Climate Scientists says:

    Climate scientists have learned lots:

    They have become expert charlatans.
    Redefined the meaning of quackery.
    Created a road map for the biggest white collar heist in history.
    Given astrology a modern day revival.
    The purveyors of doom.

  6. SMS says:

    You forgot to mention the sycophant thingy….and the lemming thingy….. and the turnip thingy…. There are probably a few more “thingy’s” we could all bring up about these money sucking vampires; but I’m tired. It’s cold outside and I want to get under a warm blanket to shield me from the global warming that’s threatening to fry me like an egg. Going to bed.

  7. u.k.(us) says:

    To take a muddled up mess of data, then introduce enough money to last a lifetime, (with a lab and its staff).
    Might lead some, to ….the bias that pays.
    i.e. politics.

  8. Andy OZ says:

    Here in Australia today, a puffed up newspaper climate commentator now reckons climate skepticism is the same as agreeing that paedophelia is a good thing!!!

    And they wonder why we reckon they are raving lunatics and dumber than turnips!

  9. I have been saying for two years that there are no competent climate scientists. The trouble now is, there is no competent public oversight or control of them. I see no way for it to end, other than real, violent war–it is already, now, a war of suppression of those of us who know enough to be truthfully disdainful of the incompetent “consensus”. The Insane Left has the bit in its teeth, its eyes are wide open and bulging, and its mouth is foaming. The words, “They know not what they do” come to mind.

  10. Andyj says:

    Then you MUST publish this for the few who do not know 😉

  11. Andyj says:

    The above was at the IPCC at Qatar of all places. Lots of 7* hotels, (all air-con), first class flights from all over the world and the finest food the taxpayer can buy.

  12. gator69 says:

    You forgot “leftist”.

    The left does with climate science what they do with gun control. They single out one possible component that they do not like, and assign full weight to it, while ignoring all other factors.

  13. “It appears that most climate scientists don’t know jack about anything, and are largely a bunch of mindless blowhards in search of parasitic funding.”

    You had doubts about that? It should have been obvious from the get go if given at least 12 seconds of rational thought. Was it not obvious, then as now, that if catastrophic runaway global warming hadn’t happened in the past 3.5 billion years, it is NOT going to happen in the next 100. Especially not because of what we puny humans do to the earth? All the rest of the other climate stuff we talk about is, by comparison, just making sure the decimal points are in the right place and all the words are spelled correctly. Unfortunately, the painfully obvious is about the last thing that is either seen, understood, or accepted.

    It was never about science, the climate, nor the environment, it was about whatever they could get away with.

  14. tckev says:

    What We Have Learned About Climate Science?
    1. It’s settled.
    2. 97% of all scientists agree.
    Surely that right? eh?

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