NY Times Wants Obama To Circumvent The Law And Wreck The Economy – In Order To Produce A Non-Solution To A Non-Existent Problem

Since his re-election, Mr. Obama has agreed to foster a “conversation” on climate change and an “education process” about long-term steps to address it. He needs to do a good deal more than that. Intellectually, Mr. Obama grasps the problem as well as anyone. The question is whether he will bring the powers of the presidency to bear on the problem.

Enlisting market forces in the fight against global warming by putting a price on carbon — through cap-and-trade or a direct tax — seems out of the question for this Congress. But there are weapons at Mr. Obama’s disposal that do not require Congressional approval and could go a long way to reducing emissions and reasserting America’s global leadership.

Time to Confront Climate Change – NYTimes.com

No matter how much illegal stuff Obama does, Asia is still going to build 1,200 coal plants. The US does not control CO2 levels and has no control over the climate.

When did morons take over the United States?

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7 Responses to NY Times Wants Obama To Circumvent The Law And Wreck The Economy – In Order To Produce A Non-Solution To A Non-Existent Problem

  1. Andy DC says:

    Yes, all we need is a carbon futures market where insiders and rich investors can skim billions off the top. That will be the solution to all our nation’s woes (sarc).

  2. Ivan says:

    November 1932. It’s all been downhill since then.

    • bkivey says:

      I’d say when the Baby Boomers came of age. The politicians of the ’30’s were thinkers governed by feelings; the Boomers were feelers governed by the illusion of thinking.

  3. This will become a moot point when the US moves back into recession (or depression).

  4. Justa Joe says:

    A lot of important lefties are set to make $billions if the AGW scam becomes modus operandi.

  5. johnmcguire says:

    Since November 23, 1963 , or maybe since 1913 and the federal reserve act of treason . The personal income tax was put in place in 1913 also . We have now experienced 100 hundred years of tyranny .

  6. gregole says:

    Our so-called emissions of CO2 are just fine.


    If America’s production of CO2 as a by-product of our energy production has been a problem, (of course CO2 production is no problem; it is a non-problem) then in any case we are doing just fine limiting our production of CO2 by pursuing a rational market-driven energy policy.

    Happy New Year everyone! Life if grand. People are great, business is good, life is wonderful; despite all the nay-saying do-nothings preaching the CAGW baloney.

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