Rupert Murdoch Gets Slammed

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Twitter / rupertmurdoch: Terrible news today. When will …

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6 Responses to Rupert Murdoch Gets Slammed

  1. ralphcramdo says:

    Of course drinking and driving laws are working. It’s the law.

  2. Jeff says:

    You cannot impose a technical solution on a procedural problem; if some nutter wants to murder, he will find a way to murder. The UK’s most prolific mass murderer – Shipman – never fired a shot. Here in Northern Ireland – with probably the strictest gun controls in the world (and probably per capita the worst death rate from firearms) – some nutter attacked kids with a home made flame thrower as they sat their exams (no fatalities but serious burns). Maybe if Connecticut had less strict gun laws, one of the teachers could have blown this particular nutter away before he got to the kids.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    Drudge has another story today about a man in China attacking 22 children with a knife…. How many ghetto slugs who are on parole (and prohibited from doing so) have firearms? Just about all of them.

    There was a time in the past that I thought some gun laws could be helpful. That was before I understood the real reason why libs want to take them.

    Jeff is correct. What we need is more CC. An armed citizen with decent aim could have ended this tragedy early on.

  4. TonyO from Aust says:

    Yeah Rupert – guns were banned over here in Australia after a mass killing – now we have many “home invasions” that were very rare before (not much fun invading someone’s home if they may shoot back).
    Pity you haven’t enjoyed that little aspect of the disarming of the people. I have – cops came bout 20 mins after the scumbags left. Would have been a slightly different outcome if we still had our self-defence weapons – the scumbags would still have been here.

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