Things We Need To Know

The US constitution haters at the Journal News made the insane move of listing all gun owners in nearby counties, with the following justification :

ABC News reached out to the Journal News for a statement. The paper told ABC that its readers “are understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhoods,” after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn.

New York Journal News Publishes Gun Owners’ Names In Westchester, Rockland Counties

I’ll bet that their readers would also be understandably interested to know some other things about their neighborhoods.

  • Which of their neighbors have had sexually transmitted diseases
  • Which of their neighbors have been treated for mental health problems
  • Which of their neighbors are gay
  • Which of their neighbors have AIDS
  • Which of their neighbors are on welfare
  • Which of their neighbors are drug addicts
  • Which of their neighbors are illegal immigrants
  • Which of their neighbors have been convicted of drunk driving
  • Who their neighbors voted for
  • Who their neighbors are sleeping with
  • etc.

Why doesn’t the Journal News print all of that information too? Why not just go full totalitarian and make everyone slaves of the state while they are at it?

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7 Responses to Things We Need To Know

  1. nzrobin says:

    And by so doing they made those without guns, targets.

  2. Andy DC says:

    ADDENDUM: Each of their neighbor’s civil and criminal records

    Come to think of it, in Maryland I can google anybody’s civil and criminal record in 30 seconds.
    I did that to a friend. He dd not like it. We are no longer friends. What a dumb thing to do, even dumber to tell him about it.

  3. Ivan says:

    Why stop there?
    Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History
    More Spying On Citizens than in Stasi East Germany”
    All the information that you could possibly want to know is available.

  4. You left “are sex addicts” off the list…

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    Instapundit demonstrates to me how libertarian views are advancing into the Republican Party, millions of readers at a time:

    “5. The War on Drugs. The drug war, according to many experts such as Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, is a major driver of violence in America. When you leave out suicides (which make up more than half of gun deaths) most actual murders in this country are criminals killing other criminals. It’s been that way for years. Get rid of the war on drugs, legalize at least “soft drugs” like marijuana, and you’ll have less of that. As The Atlantic noted this week, the single best anti-gun-death policy would be ending the drug war. It would save money, too, at a time when the government is broke.”

  6. Chuck L says:

    Anyone who owns parent company Gannett stock (ticker GCI) should sell it in protest of this utter disgrace of a newspaper. I sold mine and sent an email to Gannett CEO Gracia Martore telling her what I did and why. The email was opened but so far, no reply.

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