Translating Climate Liar Speak

Sandy Tops List of 2012 Extreme Weather & Climate Events

By Andrew Freedman, Michael Lemonick, and Dan Yawitz  From unprecedented heat waves that shattered “Dust Bowl” era records from the 1930s, to Hurricane Sandy, which devastated coastal New Jersey and New York, 2012 was the year Mother Nature had it out for the U.S. No country on Earth rivaled the U.S. in 2012 in terms of extreme weather and climate events, as one rare episode after another rocked the country.

Sandy Tops List of 2012 Extreme Weather & Climate Events | Climate Central

In other words, they are focused on 2% of Earth’s area and ignoring the record cold and snow in Alaska (part of the US last time I checked), Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.

The rest of their claims are blatant lies and omissions. Temperatures were much hotter during the Dust Bowl. Sandy was a freak storm aggravated by some of the highest tides of the year and a rare blast of October Arctic cold.

They are counting mild winter temperatures as “extreme weather.” The US is experiencing a record lull in severe hurricanes and had one of the quietest years on record for tornadoes.

As far as heatwaves go, the 1930s were much hotter. The graph below shows record maximum temperatures set at all GHCN HCN stations.

ScreenHunter_359 Dec. 26 10.36

But this comparison isn’t fair. Many new stations have been added and skew the data towards favoring recent records. An apples-to-apples comparison (using only continuously active stations since 1930) shows that 2012 barely cracked the top ten.

These people are destroying US history and should be held accountable.

How about 1927?

screenhunter 01 jul 22 20 11

29 Jan 1927 – Drought and Flood.

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4 Responses to Translating Climate Liar Speak

  1. johnmcguire says:

    Thanks Steven , you so often point out the common sense reasons that contribute to the conclusions of the data . Apples to apples is the scientific aproach and thus is not used by the promoters of cagw because it doesn’t support their ideas .

  2. That’s a very gripping and dramatic headline/byline, “From unprecedented heat waves. etc.” Funny, I thought the Weekly World News went under a while ago.

  3. Andy DC says:

    The alarmists like to take a given weather event and say it is a result of global warming. Naturally, it is thrown out there with no historical context, namely that similar or worse weather events have happened since the beginning of time.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Mild winter weather is categorized by alarmists as extreme weather. Like it is so terrible to play golf in December with roses still in bloom. Like it would be far better to be snowbound with 0 F temperatures.

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