How You Can Tell That David Gregory’s Illegal Magazine Is Real

ScreenHunter_359 Dec. 26 11.00

Note the area inside the red circle. The top front third of the magazine is lower than the top back, to free up the bullet and allow the shell to enter the chamber. This is a real AR mag and is built for use with 5.56/.223 shells.

An Airsoft magazine does not have that feature, and is flat across the top.

ScreenHunter_359 Dec. 26 11.05

AR-15_ElectricPantherAirsoftMag.jpg (300×300)

How will they they lie their way out of this one?

As a responsible citizen, NRA member and CCW holder, I am very careful to abide by all gun laws – but apparently that requirement doesn’t apply to reckless liberals who think that everyone else is as mentally disordered as they are.

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12 Responses to How You Can Tell That David Gregory’s Illegal Magazine Is Real

  1. jst1 says:

    Time for a perp walk.

  2. nigelf says:

    Nothing will come of this, the left won’t make it a story.

  3. Glacierman says:

    Gregory is part of the Ruling Class. I.E. he can do whatever and get away with it.

  4. slimething says:

    Yet if a 6 year old brings a green plastic water pistol to school he’s suspended/expelled and branded for life.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    My guess is that they will claim that it was a non-functional or mock-up piece. They won’t even have to make the claim. The Democrat ruling authorities in DC will do it for them. When you can get things fixed as easily as the DNC you don’t even need to worry about getting things fixed.

  6. Steve Tabor says:

    Lots of stuff on this on YouTube. About the guns (check out the comments about which model in the trunk from those who watched the footage)
    AR-15 trunk comments

    Note the phony voice-over: “Looks like an assault rifle doesn’t it?”
    AR-15 trunk comments
    long gun comments

    BUT ….. the “medical examiner” denies the gun was in the trunk.
    long gun denied

    Allegations and an eye witness about a second suspect
    police tape, second suspect

    A teacher saw two shadows go by
    two shadows
    second shooter news report
    witness of second, plus news report
    witness sounds more like NYC than CT

    and of course there’s this, the father laughing after his daughter was “killed”; he goes “into character” when he’s informed that the camera is rolling:

    Bloopers, especially about the “100 shots” (the kids don’t mention the shots)

    A fake RIP page on FB, dated December 10
    Soto RIP page

    And finally, right from the horse’s mouth, from CNN Live:
    He’s another made-up face. Just like all the others, except this time no orange hair (the kid, not the reporter)

  7. Steve Tabor says:

    Sorry about the blank on the first SH video. YT must have pulled it.

    Steve Tabor

  8. Blade says:

    I predict a nameless intern with no criminal record will assume responsibility and will plea out to some minor violation.

    The intern will ( pardon the pun ) take a bullet for Dickhead David Gregory.

  9. miked1947 says:

    The image was “Photoshopped to make it look as if Gregory was holding a magazine. He was really holding his Dildo and talking about the pleasure it gives him. The whole voice thing was over dubbed so he appeared to be talking about a .556 magazine for an AR type weapon! 😉

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