Twenty Years Later – Climate Science Is Still Populated By Morons

22-year-old report accurately predicted global warming

A scientific report from 1990 predicted that global warming would happen 20 years down the road, and the quantitative projections are eerily equal to current data.

22-year-old report accurately predicted global warming | MNN – Mother Nature Network

These people are complete imbeciles. There has been no warming for sixteen years, and prior to that most of the warming was due to the air clearing after the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

Current temperatures are about the same as they were in 1991 before Pinatubo erupted. Global warming is bullshit, as are the people promoting it.

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5 Responses to Twenty Years Later – Climate Science Is Still Populated By Morons

  1. Nope, the 1990 prediction from the IPCC is about as crappy as all their other predictions. See:

    “The only IPCC prediction which remains consistent with the current data is the lower prediction of a 0.7 degree rise from 1990 to 2030. The “Best” IPCC estimate and the higher 1.5 degree rise are ruled out by the data.”

    The claim in the news article is that the prediction was “accurate” after the prediction was “adjusted” to take account of “natural variability”. So they altered the data to bring it into line with the prediction, then declared victory. It’s stupid, but it’s climate science.

  2. miked1947 says:

    Their prediction is consistent with what happened in their fantasy world of Pathological science.

  3. mikegeo says:

    I remember in junior high school being told the world was made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. They forgot to tell me about the morons!

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