Why Israeli Schools Are Safe

Tiny Israel is surrounding by 500 million people who want to see them exterminated. They understand that guns are the only thing which keeps their children safe.

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If teachers in the US were similarly prepared, there would be no school massacres.

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  1. Hi. I’m a Brit vet of 20 years. I’m also strongly pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli, which is not necessarily the same thing. I even like septics – in moderation. Other vets, look at that picture. I see an armed sentry not paying attention and the target held up in a potential killing zone. 3 seconds with a machine pistol and the whole bunch are collateral. The sentry’s firearm is useless, the guard is not guarding.
    The main reasons that the targets are safe is that, firstly , Israeli defences are layered and secondly, the enemy even by their insane logic realise that a wholesale slaughter of grade-school children will upset the West’s liberal (HA!) Jew-hating Left and create a lot of adverse publicity. A totally different situation from a mentally ill person running amuck.

    • gator69 says:

      *Armed Palestinian terrorists attacked a school bus in 1970, taking children from the Avivim Moshav to their nearby school, killing 12 children.

      *In May 1974, Palestinian terrorists attacked a bus with students from Safed, who were on tour to Ma’alot, killing 22 children.

      *More recently, in June 2001, a suicide terrorist blew himself up while standing among a crowd of teenagers waiting in line to enter a discotheque at the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, killing 21.

      *In December 2001, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at almost the same time on Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall – crowded on that particular Saturday night with youths celebrating a friend’s birthday – killing 11.

      *In May 2001, Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered two young hikers they happened to come across near the community of Tekoa. Using rocks, they smashed the boys’ faces beyond recognition.

      *In March 2001, a Palestinian sniper shot and killed a ten-month-old Jewish baby girl in Hebron.

      *In August 2001, Palestinian terrorists shot up a car full of Israeli teenagers in a drive-by shooting, killing a 17-year-old girl.”

      And the beat goes on.

      Steven’s point was that mass shootings here happen in gun free zones, and the presence of even one firearm could have stopped the attack.

  2. Jay Currie says:

    Kevin, you are right on the layering. But I think you are wrong on the efficacy of the defence; if every teacher is trained and armed the chances of a random killer succeeding are rapidly reduced.

  3. Frank Hilliard says:

    A lot of Israelis carry their rifles this way, the army included. The wrap around the action is likely to keep the dust out. I’m guessing this is an M1 Garand, the first semi-automatic infantry weapon. Since it fires a 30.06, this lady is one tough cookie, despite her appearance.

    • thegreywolfe says:

      It’s actually an M-2 .30 Cal. Carbine that uses what is basically an upgraded pistol bullet. It was developed in WW II for radio operators and the members of crew-operated weapons, such as mortars and heavy maching guns. It was also supplied in large numbers to the “US Forces in the Philippines”, a 30,000-strong resistance force of US soldiers and Filipinos fighting the Japanese. It was considered an easier weapon for the physically smaller Filipinos to control than the M-1 Garand, had a detachable magazine and is actually a fun gun to fire, as long as you don’t mind the limit of a hundred yard effective range.

    • Loop Garoo says:

      It’s an M1 (or M2) Carbine

    • Lynn Clark says:

      I dont’ think so. It looks a lot more like an M1 Carbine, which would be a lot more manageable by most females. And probably much more suitable for use in close quarters like schools.

  4. David says:

    gator69 says:
    December 17, 2012 at 9:42 am
    Yes, and liberals call those people freedom fighters.

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