NOAA’s Climate Summaries Are A Farce

NOAA was tasked by politicians with making 2012 the hottest and most extreme year ever, so they jacked temperatures way up and came up with a nonsensical Climate Extremes Index, which made mild weather be classified as extreme.

Using their indices, the stormy start to 2013 will be rated much less extreme than the mild start to 2012.

I spent last winter in the Northeast, and there was not one single occurrence of extreme weather, yet NOAA classified it as the third most extreme winter on record. The weather was picture perfect last winter. I should know, because I didn’t have a car and rode a bicycle for all of my transport.

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U.S. Climate Extremes Index

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3 Responses to NOAA’s Climate Summaries Are A Farce

  1. cowpoke says:

    Another Govt sponsored fear induced lie. Lust like the EPA and Radon…

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    There is also a deceptive smoothing filter end effect as the green line shows a spike that in the future will drop back down if typically smaller bars are added in the future.

  3. miked1947 says:

    I just found that Norfolk, VA is being used as a poster child for SLR!–finance.html
    I had a good laugh about this one!

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