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Tamino Says Temperature Trends Should Be Started in The Late 1970’s, To Avoid Cherry-Picking

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Progressives Say We Were Better Off Before Fossil Fuels And Democracy Ruined Our Lives


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Colorado Children Just Won’t Know What Trees Are

Steamboat Resort Mountain Cam at Morningside | View Live Snow & Weather Conditions at Steamboat

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NPR Obsesses Over Christie : Not Interested In Obama Scandals

NPR is obsessed with the Christie bridge scandal, but has no interest in Obama’s dozens of much worse scandals. It is almost like they are the propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

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This Winter Will Likely Be One Of Ten Coldest In US History

So far, this winter has been the 12th coldest on record in the US. With lots of very cold weather in the long range forecast. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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7th Coldest January In Louisiana History, Coldest In 35 Years

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Texas January Minimum Temperatures Coldest Since 1979

January nighttime temperatures in Texas have been plummeting since 1895. So far, this January has been the 8th coldest on record, and coldest in 35 years. The month will likely finish even colder when all data is collected.

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Hayhoe Shoveling It Twice As Often As She Did In 1895

Actually, I was talking about snow. Not the darker material Katherine normally shovels.

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The First Glimmer Of Sanity About Wind Power

A Possible First: Lawsuit Over Birds Stops Federal Wind Energy Project | Wind | ReWire | KCET h/t to Dave G

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After Retirement, James Hansen Continues His Critical Work Warning People About The Climate

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