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Third Coldest Winter On Record So Far In The US

If February ended today, this would be the third coldest winter on record in the US, after 1979 and 1899.

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UN To Investigate North Korea


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Two Term President Reagan Rejected EPA Lies In The 1980’s

A report by the Environmental Protection Agency three years ago said the warming trend could start by the 1990’s and could reach as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit by 2040, but this was attacked by President Reagan’s science adviser at … Continue reading

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Disturbing Imagery Of The “Thing Of The Past” In Scotland

Remarkable Snow Cover In Scotland – InTheSnow | Ski Magazine

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Why I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Summer Is Very Hot

The same large oscillations in the jet stream which made the US cold this winter, have the potential to cause major heatwaves this summer. I will describe it as excess cold Arctic air dislodging tropical heat.

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Greens Discover A New Palm Tree Species

Palm Occasionalius Sochi: The warmest Winter Olympics in history? A warm winter isn’t unusual for Sochi, a city often warm enough to support palm trees. Sochi: The warmest Winter Olympics in history? | MNN – Mother Nature Network Apparently the … Continue reading

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A Few Things Which NOAA And NASA Forgot To Mention

The EPA says that the 1930’s were much hotter www.epa.gov/climate/climatechange/pdfs/print_heat-waves.pdf Afternoon temperatures have been plummeting in the US for 80 years. NOAA/NASA hide this by tampering with the data. Very hot days were much more common during the 1930’s Hansen … Continue reading

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30 Years Since Government Climate Experts Said That New York Would Turn Into Florida

IDEAS & TRENDS (CONTINUED); A DIRE LONG-RANGE FORECAST By JAMES GLEICK Published: May 12, 1985 Beginning in a decade or two, scientists expect the warming of the atmosphere to melt the polar icecaps, raising the level of the seas, flooding … Continue reading

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