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Latest Temperature Junk Science From The Usual Suspects

By Richard Muller on December 17, 2003 Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely … Continue reading

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Classic Climate Criminal Behavior Right Here In Fort Collins

A new CSU sanctioned study shows how desperate the climate criminals are becoming. In the middle of our second coldest February on record, the local rag runs this : Fort Collins summers heating up Amid a February cold snap, study … Continue reading

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Understanding The Difference Between Weather And Climate

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Same Story Decade After Decade – Government Liars Vs. The Truth

The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

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Lubbock, Texas To Be Covered With Glaciers By 2100

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