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Tracing Hansen’s Insanity

Gavin’s FakeClimate website bragged last year about a 1981 Hansen forecast which was below GISS. RealClimate: Evaluating a 1981 temperature projection I overlaid his 1988 forecast (red) on top of the 1981 forecast, to show how he lost his mind … Continue reading

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February 1977 : Experts Hoped The Cold US Winter Would Convince Government To Take Action Against Global Cooling

In February 1977, experts hoped that the cold winter in the US would convince government to take action against global cooling The winter of 1977 was very similar to this winter. Snow in Florida and warm in Alaska Same polar … Continue reading

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Kook and Nuttercelli Forgot To Read This Paper

In 1971, NASA and NCAR’s top climatologists said that CO2 effects are diminishing, and predicted an ice age. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols: Effects of Large Increases on Global Climate

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Obama Forgot To Make A Speech About This Crime

Convicted felon, 20, charged with shooting dead good samaritan Army vet, 69, with his own gun after begging for help at his doorstep | Mail Online

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Obama Unveils His New Dental Plan

Twitter / FishWithDan: New government dental plan …

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Before Little Mikey Corrupted The Science

From the first IPCC report There is growing evidence that worldwide temperatures were higher than at present during the mid-Holocene (especially 5 000-6 000 BP), at least in summer, though carbon dioxide levels appear to have been quite similar to … Continue reading

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Obama Didn’t Know It Was A Terror Attack Before He Did Know It Was A Terror Attack Before He Didn’t Know It Was A Terror Attack Before He Did Know It Was A Terror Attack

I just saw some of his Fox News interview while I was at the gym. He isn’t fit to be a used car salesman.

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Comment Of The Day #2

February 4, 2014 at 12:08 am This what the warming trend looks like since Monica was still unzipping Bill Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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