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EU Climate Chief Says That We Need Communism To Protect Us From Mann-Made Global Warming

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Greenland Meltdown Creating Some Killer Water Hazards Around The Greens

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IPCC Flat Earther’s Predicted Warmer Winters And Less Snow

President Obama says that settled global warming science makes winters colder. The IPCC says the exact opposite. IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change 2001 – Complete online versions | GRID-Arendal – Publications – Other IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on … Continue reading

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Soccer Is A Thing Of The Past

When I moved here 20 years ago, we used to play soccer all winter long. Winter temperatures have plummeted since then, and we now have snow on the ground for months at a time. Last year the snow didn’t melt … Continue reading

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Phil Jones Fishing For Excuses To Kill Off Global Cooling

NikFromNYC located this : ClimateGate FOIA grepper! – 1940s

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Different Ways Of Viewing How They Hide The Decline

NASA has wiped out the inconvenient global cooling scare, since Hansen’s 1981 graph – which showed it. Red is current GISS, black is Hansen 1981. A different way of looking at this is to normalize the two graphs to 1978, … Continue reading

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