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Death Spiral Update : Arctic Ice Getting Thicker – Volume Increasing

The retention of more sea ice in September 2013 has increased the overall thickness and volume of the ice pack compared to recent years. Antarctic sea ice remains significantly more extensive than average. Thicker on top, more down under

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White House Continues Their Efforts To Intimidate Scientists Into Compliance With Their Political Agenda

Joe Obama Stalin has an agenda, and he expects scientists to comply. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday called climate change perhaps the world’s ‘‘most fearsome’’ destructive weapon and mocked those who deny its existence or question its … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Getting Rid Of The 1940’s

1975 National Academy of Sciences report showing that 20th century temperatures peaked in the late 1930’s. Climategate emails show that the hockey team was looking for ways to get rid of the 1940’s temperature spike. They did exactly that, and … Continue reading

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One Third Of Arctic Sea Ice Disappeared Before 1940

Papers Past — Auckland Star — 14 December 1940 — WARMER ARCTIC

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World’s Greatest Climate Scientist Predicts Six Degrees Warming In The Next Six Years

The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

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In 1997, NASA Showed That Two Thirds Of Global Warming Occurred Before 1940

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Republicans Announce That They Are Complicit With Obama’s Destruction Of The US

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, told “Fox News Sunday” that congressional Republicans think the president abused the government’s separation of powers by using the executive orders to sidestep Congress and delay the law’s employer mandate. However, he said critics would be … Continue reading

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Frequency Of US 90 Degree Temperatures Has Dropped Sharply Over The Last 80 Years

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