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Second Coldest Winter On Record In The Midwest

The US Midwest is having its coolest summer, after its second coldest winter on record. During the winter of 1932, the average temperature was above freezing.

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Hostage Rescue Attempt Fails

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Coolest Summer On Record In The Midwest

Ninety-five degree days used to be fairly common in the midwest, but they rarely happen any more. So far this year there have only 23 reported – the lowest on record. In 1936, they had 6,509 90F (35C) readings.

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Imagine! A World Without Fossil Fuels

We would all be freezing and starving in the dark, and society would collapse into Armageddon within a week or two. Every tree would get cut down, and cannibalism would become the new normal. Sort of like the federal government plan … Continue reading

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Thermometers Show That The US Has Been Cooling For Nearly A Century

US measured temperature data (blue below) shows that we have been cooling for nearly a century. But the temperatures reported by NCDC (red below) show the opposite, that the US is warming. Measured : ushcn.tavg.latest.raw.tar.gz Reported : ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52i.tar.gz  The animation below … Continue reading

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Hope And Change Update

Rioters and looters are working hard this week in Missouri to convince everyone that they are not violent criminals, and the Attorney General has traveled there to show his support

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Reggie At Work!

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US Has Had The Fewest 90 Degree Days, And The Fifth Most 0 Degree Days In 2014

The US is having its coolest summer on record, after one of the coldest winters. Heidi Cullen says we are burning up, and anyone who disagrees should be decertified.

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Michigan Has Had Both Their Coldest Winter And Summer On Record This Year

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Predictions Don’t Get Worse Than This

James Hansen will likely go down as the most laughable scientist in history

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