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Understanding The Scientific View Of Climate Sensitivity

Global temperature shows no correlation with CO2, so scientists make up some crap about heat hiding in the Pacific Atlantic Ocean What is completely clear in paleo data, is that the cart is pulling the horse – and the horse … Continue reading

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Brain Damage Is The New Normal At NASA

NASA knows that climate change is real, because trace amounts of a colorless, odorless, normally undetectable gas have risen. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone can be that stupid.  Climate Change: Evidence I have discovered an even better correlation. Perfect in fact. As … Continue reading

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The World’s Two Senior Climate Realists

We all owe Fred Singer and Bill Gray a debt of gratitude for keeping sanity in the climate discussion over the past four decades.

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New York Times Says That Weather Is Climate

The experiential part has to do with a drumbeat of climate-related disasters around the world, all actively reported by the news media: hurricanes and tornadoes, droughts and wildfires, extreme heat waves and equally extreme cold, rising sea levels and floods. … Continue reading

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What If This Happened Today?

Sixty years ago, New England was about to get slammed by two major (category 3-5) hurricanes in a row. They were the last major hurricanes to hit New England. If this happened today, climate scientists like James Hansen and Kevin … Continue reading

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School Year Begins – No Student Has Seen Any Global Warming

The school year is beginning, and no student has experienced Al Gore’s inconvenient truth during their lifetime. But almost all have suffered through his sci-fi flick. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs By the time the hiatus ends, many of them may be grandparents. … Continue reading

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It’s Dead, Jim

In 1988, NASA’s James Hansen published these three forecasts of global warming doom :   At his Congressional testimony that year he said that the uppermost curve, Scenario A, is “Business As Usual.”  Scenario C assumed that no new CO2 … Continue reading

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