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Red Dawn

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Andrew Feedman Says Same Weather As 1925 Is Unprecedented Global Warming

‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Event in Detroit Fits Global Warming Pattern Detroit received 4.57 inches of rain in just a few hours on Monday, breaking its record for that date and coming in second place for the all-time wettest calendar day, behind … Continue reading

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NOAA Cheating The People Of Wisconsin Out Of Their History

Wisconsin had their coldest January-July on record by a wide margin, but the fraudsters experts at NCDC pushed them to the #5 spot.   Note that NCDC ranked them at #5 for the period NCDC accomplished this using a spectacular hockey … Continue reading

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More Detail On The Arctic Catastrophe

Over the past two years there has been a large increase in 1.5+ meter thick ice in the Arctic, and the thick ice has shifted nearly 1,000 miles to the west – making it safe from winter winds pushing it … Continue reading

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US Temperatures Being Adjusted Upwards At 3.6 Degrees Per Century

The US has been cooling for the past century. This doesn’t fit the global warming narrative, so NOAA is applying a spectacular hockey stick of adjustments to turn a cooling trend into a warming trend. Since 1997, they are trying … Continue reading

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75% Of The US Below Normal Temperature Over The Past 11 Months

Temperatures have been below normal in 75% the US since October 1, 2013, with the average departure being -1.29 degrees. But it is worse than it seems. Most of the 25% percent above normal has been barely above normal, while … Continue reading

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North Carolina Obliterating All August Cold Records

Some years, 70% of North Carolina August temperatures are over 90 degrees. This year it is only 3%.

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Presidents Always Believe That They Are Lying For Good Reasons

Fifty years since Johnson’s big lie began the rapid downfall of America.

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