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1986 Hansen : 5 Degrees Warming By 2010

June 11, 1986 Average global temperatures would rise by one-half a degree to one degree Fahrenheit from 1990 to 2000 if current trends are unchanged, according to Dr. Hansen’s findings. Dr. Hansen said the global temperature would rise by another … Continue reading

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New York Times Says One Foot Of Sea Level Rise By 2016 “Appears Certain”

SIGNIFIGANT RISE IN SEA LEVEL NOW SEEMS CERTAIN By ERIK ECKHOLM Published: February 18, 1986 MANY scientists are so sure that the sea level will rise visibly in the coming decades that they are advising planners to adopt new strategies … Continue reading

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Nuttercelli Angry About Heretics

Is there no way to end this denial of the one true CO2 religion?

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Being a progressive means just making stuff up, in order to scare other equally stupid people. Report: California should prepare for 3-foot sea level rise this century | Peninsula | San Francisco | San Francisco Examiner Sea level in the … Continue reading

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Frequency Of 100 Degree Readings In The US Lowest Since 1906

100 degree temperatures used to be fairly common in the US, but they rarely happen any more outside of the desert southwest.

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Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Highest Since 2004 – Close To 1974 Levels

August 17 Arctic sea ice area is the highest since 2004. But it is worse than it seems. Arctic data is cleverly cut off at the 1979 peak, but the 1990 IPCC report showed that there was much less ice in 1974 than … Continue reading

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Changes in Extreme Drought Over The Past 80 years

Eighty years ago, about half of the US was in extreme drought. Now, less than 10%. The southwest is expecting a deluge of rain this week.

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Fantastic Editorial By Sarah Palin

Make sure and read the whole thing. Palin explains exactly what is going on with the criminals known as the “Democratic Party” This ridiculous politically motivated “indictment” of Governor Rick Perry stems from the ugly thug tactics of the “politics … Continue reading

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July 6, 1936

On July 6, 1936 maximum temperatures in the Dakotas averaged a mind boggling 110 degrees. A day earlier Gann Valley, SD had hit 120 degrees.

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