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Global Warming Makes English Birds Afraid To Get Their Feet Wet

Wading birds declining in the UK | Environment | The Guardian Someone should probably tell the morons at the Guardian that temperatures in England have plummeted nearly 1ºC over the past decade. The decrease in bird populations couldn’t possibly have … Continue reading

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Demand Civility

Lots of people around here in Maryland have “Choose Civility” bumper stickers. I was listening to NPR a few months ago, and they had a black American woman discussing her trip to Paris. She said she was surprised that people in … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun That The NCDC TOBS Adjustment Is Fraudulent

There are 318 US HCN stations which recorded temperatures at morning or night on July 15, 1936. These stations could not possibly have double counted 90 degree temperatures on that date, which is the theory that NCDC uses as justification … Continue reading

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More On The Record US Cold

Over the past 10 months, 74% of the US has been below normal, with the average deviation being -1.25 degrees F. WaterTDeptUS.png (688×531) Seventy four percent of the US has been below normal temperature over the past 10 months The … Continue reading

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18% Growth Of One Meter Thick Arctic Ice Since 2012

The amount of Arctic sea ice greater than one meter thick, has increased by 18% since the same date in 2012. Green shows ice gain, red shows ice loss. 1/12° Arctic Cap Nowcast/Forecast System (ACFNS) Archive

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The Death Spiral Of Mark Serreze’ Arctic Propaganda Continues

Arctic ice extent is getting dangerously close to crossing the 1979-2000 median. This is what the government’s leading Arctic expert calls a “death spiral.”  Mark also calls me “breathtakingly ignorant” for calling him on his BS over the past decade. … Continue reading

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White House Plans To Grant Citizenship To All Mexican Drug Lords, And Considers Farmers To Be Terrorists

Over the past few years, agencies under the Obama administration have been commencing full scale raids on individual farmers, as well as on family farms, under the auspices of non-legislative regulation created by the ATF, EPA, and FDA. These raids … Continue reading

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July 1916 – US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes Within Ten Days

Major hurricanes are very rare in July, but in 1916 the US was hit by two of them within ten days. By contrast, the US has not been hit by a major hurricane in almost nine years. Climate experts say hurricanes … Continue reading

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The Collapse Of The Roman Empire Is The Story Of America In 2014

Will and Ariel Durant wrote this about 70 years ago. It is the story of the fall of Rome, and also appears to be Obama’s plan for the US. In Search of the Modern Hippocrates – Google Books

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Nobel Prize Winner Says The Earth’s Crust Is Millions Of Degrees

Schools around the world trust Al Gore to be the exclusive climate authority which children are permitted to hear. [youtube=]

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