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State Of The Climate Report

Government experts tell us that the weather is getting hotter and more extreme, because it is their job to lie about the climate. Their job keeps getting tougher. The US is currently experiencing the longest stretch of years (almost 9) … Continue reading

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Another Proxy For NOAA Temperature Fraud

According to NOAA, the US is experiencing a just below average temperature year – despite the fact that their own thermometer data shows 2014 as one of the coldest on record. Here is another proxy which demonstrates that their claims … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Ice Area Above Normal For 990 Consecutive Days

With Antarctic ice growing at record rates for the past 35 years, climate experts tell us that Antarctica is melting down. Sea ice extent has been above normal every day for the past 990 days and is growing at a … Continue reading

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Six Years Since Serreze Predicted An Ice-Free North Pole

Mark Serreze says I am breathtakingly ignorant. He also predicts the North Pole will be ice-free in 2008 Fri June 27, 2008   North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists say The North Pole may be briefly ice-free by September as … Continue reading

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Washington DC Area Having Its Coolest August Since 1946

So far, August temperatures around DC are third coolest on record and the coolest in almost 70 years. The hottest August occurred in the year 1900.

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What Part Of This Isn’t Clear?

NASA has altered their own data to hide the decline globally. The animation below shows changes to published NASA global temperature data from 1981 to the present. pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1981/1981_Hansen_etal_1.pdf The 2001 and 2014 data sets are located here: 2001 version : wayback.archive.org/……./FigA.txt … Continue reading

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Different Approaches To Problem Solving

Problem : Deranged teenager kills schoolchildren in Connecticut, as principal waits helplessly for someone with a gun to come save her and the children. Conservative solution : Train the principal to use a semi-automatic rifle with a 40 round mag in her … Continue reading

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When The Big One Hits

When the big earthquake hits California, and all hell breaks lose, all the morons who gave up their 2nd Amendment rights are going to be begging for someone with a gun (and ammo) to come protect them.

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In 2001, Hansen Prove Me Right

This map is from Hansen’s 2001 paper, which has been deleted from the NASA web site. It shows that US rural stations cooled -.05C from 1900 to 1999, and that urban stations were 0.31C warmer. The obvious conclusion being that the … Continue reading

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Almost No Change In Arctic Ice Extent Since Yesterday

Green shows gain since yesterday. Red shows loss. Alarmists have a big problem now. Strong winds in the Laptev Sea have been giving them more of a break than they deserve, but the ice there is already pushed back close … Continue reading

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