14% Whack Jobs


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  1. Patrick Blasz says:

    Social regressives are seeing the fruits of their labor.

    And that lounge-lizard, pajama-boy chief executive of ours had the temerity to look at those fine young men and women of the 2015 Military Academy class and tell them that the greatest challenge they face was global warming or was it climate change.

  2. dp says:

    A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

    People born before 1995 will recognize this as a component of the US Constitution. ISIS has shown us why, after 2 centuries, it is still a useful inclusion.

    Not widely practiced, but still good advice. Plan B is to hope a cop to shows up. Problem with Plan B is they’re LEO’s not peace keepers. Keeping the peace (self-defense) is still the responsibility of the victim because the offender is no help at all, and the establishment isn’t there when you need them.

  3. Dorian says:

    I fear this is only the beginning. The height in bitter sarcasm in this horrible attack, is that in December they are going to have a conference to deal with “the deadly global warming threat that is facing the world” in Paris. Here we are today, facing REAL deadly threats from the likes of ISIS, an organization that was seeded by the USA, like wise with Al’Qaeda, organizations that are hell bent on KILLING people, and we have to spend resources on a FANTASY. Obama take note: ISIS is YOUR creation, why don’t you spend more time on ISIS, and leave Science alone!

    In 1919, thanks to France, Britain, and the US, future nightmares were created in the likes of Syria and Iraq. 100 years later we are still paying the price for political stupidity, but it is now magnified, for not only are we paying the price for moronic decisions made 100 years ago, we are paying also for the MORONIC decisions today that are being made with FALSE SCIENCE.

    We can point the fingers as much as we like upon our Governments and Politicians, but the real problem has been, that our universities and schools have become breading grounds for stupidity and moronicity. A PhD today is worthless, what does that say about just a basic university education? High schools now teach dogma, what does that imply about the general ability or knowledge of the ordinary person? The Standards for education, learning, and teaching in general has miserably collapsed.

    And now, we are JUST starting to pay the price for our lack of sincerity to proper standards of education and behavior, and giving too much alacrity to living a laisser-faire life by living off others, via tax benefits and government hand-outs, and not forging our own destinies.

    The blame goes all the way round, Society in general has become reckless and irresponsible.

    Social Entropy, is now in full force.

    Lebanon last week, Paris today, next….

    Thank you Obama, for this new nightmare! I thought the first half of my life was nightmarish enough to deal with, and it was. But it seems now, I and many others will share a new nightmare in the last half of my life.

    Excuse my language ladies and gentlemen for what I am about to say, but there are no other words that can describe what Obama, Hollande, and Cameron are doing, you son-of-bitches are destroying the world with your selfish, arrogant, bastardly deeds!

    Woe is we.

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