Before Global Warming Caused Terrorism, Global Cooling Caused Terrorism

Last night, Bernie Sanders said terrorism was caused by global warming. Let’s test that theory out.

On September 5, 1972 – Islamic terrorists took over the Munich Olympics and murdered the Israeli wrestling team.




5 Sep 1972, Page 1 – at

One week later, Britain’s top climate expert announced that a new ice age was in progress.


11 Sep 1972, Page 1 – at

The CIA warned that global cooling would bring drought, famine and political unrest.


The CIA said the impacts of global cooling were “almost beyond comprehension”

Image 27

9 Jun 1976, Page 4 – at

Yasser Arafat was later given the Nobel Peace Prize for organizing the massacre of Jews.

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2 Responses to Before Global Warming Caused Terrorism, Global Cooling Caused Terrorism

  1. Password Protected says:

    Without knowing him it’s hard to say why he appears so gullible. Could be pandering to his audience or maybe he’s so unscientific that he dare not ask questions of a “scientist” for fear he won’t understand the answer. Either way his intransigence is a frightening quality as a potential U.S. President. He could make some very damaging decisions.

  2. Tel says:

    Cheap humor bagging out that Nobel Peace Prize, mind you they do go and ask for it.

    From my experience of Sanders supporters they aren’t all that bright. They know things are going wrong around the place (correct) but they think Sanders will sort everything out (wrong). Sanders isn’t even really a socialist, he is mostly a union oriented protectionist, doesn’t care that his raising the minimum wage hurts the poorest people, just so long as it keeps the unions safe.

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