Biggest Fraud In History – Perpetrated By Tom Karl And Gavin Schmidt

Earth’s atmosphere has not warmed for decades, as shown by both satellites and radiosonde data.




However, the White House is desperate to create a fake climate legacy, and had their employees at NOAA and NASA tamper with temperature data – so that 100% fraudulent headlines like this could come out ahead of the Paris conference.


Global heat records falling like dominoes as world heads to Paris | National Observer

The only record being broken is the amount of data tampering going on at government agencies.


2015 version: Fig.A.txt
2001 version : FigA.txt



Until the latest massive fraud push ahead of Paris, NASA and NOAA both made it clear that Earth was not warming significantly this century.


Satellite temperatures make it clear that the NASA/NOAA graphs are nonsense.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Here in the US, we have been having progressively less hot weather – with  the last three years being among the least hot on record.


The NASA and NOAA graphs do not have anything to do with the actual temperatures on Earth. Their only purpose is to confuse people into believing that they do.

But the illusion is much worse than it seems. Even after all of the data tampering. temperatures are tracking right at Hansen’s zero emissions Scenario C. Meaning that their models and theory have completely failed.




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15 Responses to Biggest Fraud In History – Perpetrated By Tom Karl And Gavin Schmidt

  1. SMS says:

    Satellite temperatures are not only confirmed by radiosonde data but also by unadjusted rural data. It’s pretty convincing to me that NOAA and GISS are criminally manipulating our temperature record for the purpose of maintaining their collective paychecks.

    When this “CAGW” affair finally blows over I want our congressmen to go after these “so called” climate scientists and get our money back. I’m tired of funding bad science just so someone can get a paycheck and (purposely committed) bad science should not be rewarded; it should be criminalized.

    • Squidly says:

      If I were Gavin or Karl (and several others), I would be very nervous right about now as the other AGW fraudsters in the camp are going to begin using them as their scapegoats, proclaiming “they misled us” and “we were just going by what they told us, so it’s not our fault”.

      Very dangerous waters for Gavin and Company. Sux to be them.

  2. eliza says:

    When this over I will compile a list of heroes
    1. Steve Macintyre
    2. Steven Goddard aka Tony Heller
    who have single handedly done the most to correct SCIENCE!!!

    We will not compile a list of sciency climatists I think they should be all let off but I do not think the ones with the money should!!
    1. Mr Stern
    2. Al Gore etc LOL

  3. CheshireRed says:

    Could Obama be impeached once he’s left office? Get Gavin / Tom on a decent rap carrying 15 years and they’ll squeal sharp enough. One day the truth will out.

    • michael hart says:

      Alternatively, if Gavin and Tom were to ‘fess up now, there still might be time for a presidential pardon before Obama leaves office.

      • CheshireRed says:

        Isn’t it revealing how Gavin and Tom (and NASA / NOAA etc) remain so tight-lipped in the face of such strong allegations? Tony isn’t pulling his punches here so it’s clear they’ve decided to leave these blog posts unchallenged rather than be cross-examined in an open court case. Gee, I wonder why that is?

        • Ron says:

          They have an out. In a recent tweet, Gavin told me that his temperatures are merely estimates based on what few ground recording stations remain, as over half the rural stations are no longer counted. That’s why when you look at their stupid course grid map you see a lot of missing data. He “estimated” the missing areas. As you well know estimates are guesses. In contracting, how often do you hit your estimate to the penny? I suspect that’s why he responded the way he did, as he is starting to let people know “I really wasn’t wrong on purpose as those were guesses made on what information we had” which won’t necessarily make him a criminal, and being an idiot is much better than doing time in the slammer with his boss.

  4. David Blake says:

    Please please please let the chilly weather in Central Europe shift to the left a bit – Just in time for Paris :-),../06h/T2m_eu3.png,../12h/T2m_eu3.png,../18h/T2m_eu3.png,../24h/T2m_eu3.png,../30h/T2m_eu3.png,../36h/T2m_eu3.png,../42h/T2m_eu3.png,../48h/T2m_eu3.png,../54h/T2m_eu3.png,../60h/T2m_eu3.png,../66h/T2m_eu3.png,../72h/T2m_eu3.png,../78h/T2m_eu3.png,../84h/T2m_eu3.png,../90h/T2m_eu3.png,../96h/T2m_eu3.png,../102h/T2m_eu3.png,../108h/T2m_eu3.png,../114h/T2m_eu3.png,../120h/T2m_eu3.png,../126h/T2m_eu3.png,../132h/T2m_eu3.png,../138h/T2m_eu3.png,../144h/T2m_eu3.png

  5. Ron Raetz says:

    I guess this doesn’t need much commentary:

    George Orwell once remarked that Stalin’s Soviet Union was a place yesterday’s weather could be changed by decree.

  6. I think we will be in need to build bigger prisons!

  7. Ross says:

    What I don’t understand is why some one in the USA has not already started legal proceeding. Surely there must some who agrees with Tony’s work who has deep enough pockets to get the ball rolling. Even some young aggressive lawyers, who want to make a name for themselves, could do it. I’m sure there would plenty of people who would help supply the evidence / data for free.

    • rw says:

      I suspect that a lot of the deep pockets who one might expect to do something run in the same elite circles as the deep pockets funding the warmist crusade. Consequently, they’re in roughly the same reality warp.

      The three most promising things I’ve seen recently are (i) Lamar Smith going after NOAA, (ii) certain physicists beginning to speak out, especially (from what I’ve read) in Germany, and (iii) a first public whistle-blower from NOAA (D. Dilley).

      (And of course there’s the fact that it’s been getting colder over the past 10 years, at least on the ground. With that happening even the most zonked out warmist can’t keep going forever. [My hunch is, we’ll see more and more Waldham acts followed by little regions of silence.])

  8. Werner Kohl says:

    Your very interesting and eye-opening article has been translated into German and posted on EIKE:

    I hope a lot of people will read this.

    It is really incredible that such “adjustments” could be done without protest by the scientific community. This adjustment between 2001 and 2015 contributes 0.4°C to the recently reported increase of 1°C since the Little Ice Age!

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