Night Of The Living Dead Climate Treaty

NASA’s James Hansen started the modern climate scam, as well as the practice of altering temperature data to make it better support his brainless CO2 superstition. He gave thousands of interviews while Bush was president, to tell the press that he was being censored from talking to the press. And now Hansen’s back, eating other climate zombies.

The scientific community agrees on a crucial fact: we must leave most remaining fossil fuels in  the ground, or our children and future generations are screwed.

By “the scientific community agrees” he means himself, Bill McKibben, Leonrdo DiCaprio and the mouse in his pocket. And then he launches an assault on the equally brainless Barack Obama.

Yet Obama is not proposing the  action required for the essential change in energy policy direction, even though it would make  economic sense for developed and developing countries alike, especially for the common person.  How can such miserable failure of political leadership be explained, when Obama genuinely  wants climate policy to be one of his legacy issues?

A prelude of Paris deceit is shown by Chart 3, a press conference with John Podesta, once czar of  Obama’s climate policy, and Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz. They express optimism on the Paris  summit, citing an agreement of the U.S. and China to work together to develop carbon capture  and storage (CCS). That spin is so gross, it is best described as unadulterated 100% pure bullshit.

He got a couple of things right. Obama is a failure and catastrophic Mann-made global warming is unadulterated 100% pure bullshit.

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4 Responses to Night Of The Living Dead Climate Treaty

  1. michael hart says:

    I’ll say a thing in James Hansen’s favor: He has advocated for increased Nuclear Power.

    Not many of his disciples can claim the same.

  2. Password Protected says:

    Almost by definition, any alarmist is unbalanced.

  3. KTM says:

    “A simple transparent way to do this is to collect an across-the-board (oil, gas, coal) carbon fee at domestic mines and ports of entry. If the funds collected are given in equal amount to all legal residents, the fee is revenue neutral and spurs the economy. This is a conservative approach, because it allows the market to assist change and it does not provide a dime to make government bigger.

    Such a common sense approach has not been tried by any government. Instead legislation is proposed by liberal governments who want funds for bigger government or programs such as renewable energy subsidies.”

    This is a common complaint by James Hansen. As much as he believes that carbon is the global thermostat knob, he also sees that there is a separate “Carbon Scam” that is being perpetuated on the world.

    In this case, the “Carbon Scam” is that liberals want to use Climate Change as an excuse to grow government and redistribute wealth. In that respect, many liberals who are intent on fleecing the developed world would call him a Denier.

    We always see that when a skeptic points to data from a paper that contradicts or undermines the propaganda, the Warmists will immediately go to the authors for a quote to say that their study is being misinterpreted, etc. So why not use James Hansen in the same way? Every time that a Warmist tries to cite James Hansen or any of his data, point out that Hansen himself is very opposed to the Carbon Scam and the machinations of those orchestrating it.

  4. Hugh K says:

    “….citing an agreement of the U.S. and China to work together….”

    Awesome! So China has agreed to U.S. desires that China stop an actual real climate catastrophe, which mysteriously is being ignored by the left and their media puppets…..destroying reef systems in the South China Sea to build military bases.

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