NOAA Data Tampering – Much Worse Than It Seems

Congress is focused on one small aspect of NOAA’s temperature fraud – the changes they made to eliminate the hiatus ahead of Paris. This was needed by the White House to give Obama a big lie to push his agenda in Paris. The hiatus killed their whole story.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at the massive fraud NOAA is engaged in at Indiana. They show Indiana warming at 0.1F (0.05 rounded up) per decade. Note the large spike after 1999.


Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Their actual thermometer data shows the exact opposite – that Indiana is cooling by 0.10 degrees per decade since 1895.


They accomplish this fraud by cooling all temperatures before 2000, and warming all temperatures after 2000. They are tampering with data at a rate of 0.14 degrees per century, almost three times as large as their claimed trend. This is totally unacceptable practice in any environment. The people who do this are committing fraud. If they consider the data to be so unreliable that they need to make such large adjustments on it, then it is not legitimate for them to draw any conclusions about warming or cooling.


The most egregious of these adjustments is their practice of manufacturing fake temperatures when none are available. Over the last fifteen years they have increased this from five percent of the data, to almost half of the data. More than 40% of USHCN Indiana temperatures were generated by a computer model, rather than a thermometer.

Again, note the large spike in fake data after 1999, which is the primary cause of their reported post-1999 temperature spike. Mind-blowing hubris combined with a criminal mindset is required to publish data like this.


Before NCDC got their hands on the data, legitimate scientists showed what was actually happening in Indiana


19 Nov 1976, Page 9 – at

The next graph overlays the bogus NCDC data in purple on the Indiana University data.


The Obama administration is rewriting Indiana history, US history and world history – while perverting and destroying science. Their intent and the outcome of this can’t possibly be good.

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2 Responses to NOAA Data Tampering – Much Worse Than It Seems

  1. Gary H says:

    Noticed the news clip was from Bloomington. It’s a long record. Don’t know if they’ve already been adjusting it, but should save a shot of this, as one can assume that they will be.

  2. Tel says:

    They obviously aren’t playing a long game here. By 2020 at current trend they will be around 65% fake data, and by 2025 they will be close to 100% fake data.

    They must be expecting some intervention to happen in the meantime.

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