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Why Does The US Space Agency Ignore Satellites?

Satellites are far more accurate at measuring global temperatures than the severely flawed surface temperature record. NASA claims global warming is rapidly occurring, but satellites show very little warming this century. What could possibly motivate the US Space Agency to ignore … Continue reading

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The Improving US Climate

Over the past century, the US climate has greatly improved. Government experts predicted increasing drought – but the exact opposite has occurred. The US is getting wetter. Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) The frequency of … Continue reading

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Down Under Vs Up Over

Down Under Up Over Wally

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Progressives Vs Reality

This is how progressives view reality. This is how the sane portion of the population sees reality.

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Learning About Sea Level Rise With Leo DiCaprio

High School dropout Leo DiCaprio (who has a carbon footprint the size of Belize) says sea level is going to rapidly rise and drown our cities. And it is your fault. Before the Flood: Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary exclusive … Continue reading

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Talking Climate With Senator Malcolm Roberts

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