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New York Times : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 1989

On February 20, 1969 the New York Times predicted an ice-free Arctic by 1989. Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea – Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared Three days later they predicted a new ice age. Science … Continue reading

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Paul Ehrlich : To Solve Global Warming Kill All The Rich People – And All The Poor People

“Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.” Michel de Montaigne Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich says that global warming and over population is going to kill us all, every soon. Biologist Paul Ehrlich gives dire prediction for global … Continue reading

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The Globalist War On Food

Methane panic fills the Internet. One of the biggest lies being pushed by the criminals behind the climate scam is that Methane is the “most potent greenhouse gas.” trapping heat Radiative transfer models show that methane has very little effect … Continue reading

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