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Undoing Barack Obama’s Destruction Of The EPA

Barack Obama completely hijacked the environmental movement with his fake climate agenda. The National Geographic article below shows some of the damage he did. The picture does not show pollution. Rather it shows shadows behind condensed water vapor. Obama turned the … Continue reading

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Almost Your President

This genius wants to take your Second Amendment rights away, only he doesn’t know what a gun is, and calls an Islamic terror attack with a knife “senseless gun violence.”

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Nineteen Degrees Of Winter Warming In The Arctic From 1910 To 1954

Arctic winter temperatures have been not as cold in recent years as they were 30 years ago, and experts have blamed it on man-made global warming. The same thing happened from 1910 to about 1954, but climate scientists weren’t as … Continue reading

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Actual Photographs Of The Disappearing Arctic

Ahead of the arrival of the Trump administration and Myron Ebell, several well known climate scientists and the press have ramped up a massive barrage of lies about the Arctic. Some of them actually claiming the Arctic is currently melting at … Continue reading

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