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Record Global Cooling Over The Last Eight Months

Over the last eight months, global temperatures over land have cooled a record 1.2 C. November is seeing record cold in Russia and South Australia, so we should see the record cooling trend continue. www.woodfortrees.org/data/rss-land/ As temperatures cool at a … Continue reading

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Fox News Goes Full Stupid

Fox News hoists their stupidity up the flagpole to the highest level with this incredibly dishonest photograph. CO2 is invisible. CO2 is harmless. CO2 is essential for life on Earth. The “climate pact” has nothing to do with climate. How … Continue reading

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“Treasonous To Not Accept Election Results”

Three days ago, Democrats said it was treasonous to not accept election results. Now they are burning down cities, attacking people and calling for the rape of the future First Lady

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Politico Says Obama’s Popularity Is Soaring And Trump Is A “Complete Idiot Who Hates Women”

In case you forgot for a minute that progressives are nutcases under the influence of narcotics. despite President Barack Obama’s soaring approval rating, 2016 was ultimately a change election People love him so much, they rejected everything he did. She … Continue reading

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Game Over For The Climate Scam

The Independent finally gets their headline partially correct. Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be ‘game over’, scientists warn | The Independent What they meant to say was “game over for the climate change scam.” A few … Continue reading

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Democrat War On America Continues

In late November 1980 the election was over, but Democrats continued their campaign of hatred against Ronald Reagan, using their standard tactics of calling him a warmonger and attempting to tie him to the Ku Klux Klan – which is … Continue reading

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