Learning About Sea Level Rise With Leo DiCaprio

High School dropout Leo DiCaprio (who has a carbon footprint the size of Belize) says sea level is going to rapidly rise and drown our cities. And it is your fault.


Before the Flood: Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary exclusive clip | EW.com

Leo is so worried about sea level rise, he just bought an eco-resort on a Caribbean island which averages less than one foot in elevation, and has a peak elevation of three feet.


Plans for Leonardo DiCaprio’s private eco resort on an island off Belize are released  | Daily Mail Online

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23 Responses to Learning About Sea Level Rise With Leo DiCaprio

  1. AndyG55 says:

    How I wish catastrophic sea level rise was actually real !

    This De Paprio twerp is HYPOCRISY to the ABSOLUTE

    • Stewart Pid says:

      What amazes me is that no one at CNN etc will ask Leo about the logic of buying and developing this “soon to be submerged by sea level rise” property if he actually believed his own bull excrement. Unbelievable but all too common with these fools.
      Good on Leo to have this place if it gets built … nicer than my caribbean property ;-)

    • John Silver says:

      Look at how that house is built. A good storm will blow it away.

  2. Kyle_Fouro says:


    Have you watched the film? I feel like few skeptics are actually reviewing the film, which would be a fun read.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Now that its free?

      Nah.. I’ve got to clean up the back yard after minding a friend’s 3 Labradors for the weekend.

    • BruceC says:

      I have better things to do, like watching the grass grow.

      BTW … “We are no longer accepting comments on this article.” … after 11 comments.

    • RAH says:

      Over the weekend when I had time I laid in the firewood and got the fireplace ready for a long cold snowy winter here in central Indiana. The Deck is cleared of the summer table set and has been replaced by a full log rack complete with cover. A new smaller log rack filled and ready sits beside the fireplace and beside it sit the boxes of fire logs my wife likes to have available to start fires when I’m gone. The hoses have been drained and stored and the outside unit of the A/C covered. I still need to put fuel stabilizer in the generator, the two mowers, and my motorcycle, and run them to get the stuff into the carbs. Much to do in preparation for the winter temps that will be here next week.

      • RAH says:

        Now it’s time to leave for the terminal. I have 700 mi to drive today and will go into the sleeper of my truck at the Indian Castle service area on I-90 east of Syracuse, NY this afternoon if things go well. Catch you all on the flip side.

  3. gator69 says:

    The actor plans to rehabilitate the area, which has been over-fished and suffers from sand erosion

    Yeah, he is evicting the natives. Eco-gentrification.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Eco-visitors to the resort will be expected to arrive on foot, by bicycle or on the back of an animal, to help ‘save the planet’ – won’t they? Or maybe that’s just another Hollywood fantasy.

    • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

      How’s that possible – it’s an island. Maybe on the backs of dolphins..? Negative comments on the resort page have been thumbed up hugely. Awesome.

  5. Zedekiah Smyth says:

    Is De Caprio one of those smug delusionals going to Canada? They are still going to Canada aren’t they?

    p.s. sorry Canada, I know you don’t want them.

  6. Ralph says:

    Pay me and I’ll watch it.

  7. ozspeaksup says:

    saw the trailer at wuwt and that was bad enough
    like Ralph pay me to watch it.
    actually NO! even for payment i wouldn’t do that.
    pride, ethics…nausea factor etc ;-)

  8. mat says:

    Typo alert…
    footprinr te size of Belize)

  9. J.P. Travis says:

    Okay, maybe I’m stupid. Can someone explain to me what an “eco-resort” is?

  10. Frank Stagg says:

    Perhaps Leo thinks the Caribbean Sea is a lake?

  11. Scott says:

    If the name of something has the term “Eco” in it. Be aware, be very aware.
    Usually, it means we have NO facilities and bugs will bother the crap out of you as we’ve shamed you into coming here because we have no cash to do any infrastructure OR:

    We’re a 5 star resort with indeed, a “Carbon Footprint”, the size of Belize…..:-)
    In Leo’s case, I bet the later.

  12. barbiegirl ny says:

    Goes to show you how much these hypocrites believe their own bs. Like this little nitwit, Al Gore went on his let’s-fool-the-idiots-about-global-warming tour, then built a home in Montecito, California–an oceanfront villa. Yeah, they’re worried…….and they REALLY believe it. Follow the money, folks. There’s a lot to be made thanks to the ignorant among us.

  13. Mkks says:

    We loved Leo in Catch Me if You Can, Wizard of Wall Street, and The Great Gatsby. All ivies in which he was a con-man. He’s a natural in that role.

  14. JPinBalt says:

    I found the movie in full if you want to watch.
    It starts with video of floods, hurricanes, then documents it with more film of industrialization and interviews with politicians. There is no science or data in it. Had interview with fraudster Michael Mann saying deniers blocked saving planet because of fossil fuel industry funding. Says obvious problem exists and need to do something, but Koch brothers and Exxon buys off politicians to keep profits. The whole premise is that climate change exists as a given as caused by CO2. Also smacks of colonialism as the given”problem” was caused be western industrialized countries becoming wealthy as cost of developing world, more vid of flooding, sea level rise, burned crops, animals going extinct. Even has the 100% staged short clip on kitchen facet catching fire due to fracking and methane in it. Makes case for becoming vegetarians because of CO2 and methane and global warming due to eating meat. There is no science in the film whatsoever. Devastating climate change is a given. It documents nothing but idiocy. Wait, I was wrong on documentation. Just saw end. DiCaprio’s hard core evidence of climate change and global warming occurring is that it was warm when they were filming the Remnant in Alberta and they had to relocate that week to have background snow on the set. But I do not understand why relocated filming in Argentina with snow was not evidence of climate change and a new ice age about to devastate planet.

    I shudder with the mass brain washing if this film is shown to high school students by environmentally aware brain dead teachers thinking indoctrination to a nonexistent problem is a solution.

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