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NOAA Adjustments Correlate Exactly To Their Confirmation Bias

Thermometers show the US cooling since about 1920, but NOAA massively cools the past to create the appearance of a warming trend. These adjustments make a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering. When plotted against atmospheric CO2, the correlation is … Continue reading

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Gavin Admits That Claims Of Data Independence Are Bogus

Scientists and the press have been claiming that the different surface temperature data sets showing record heat are independent. 2015 declared the hottest year on record : Nature News & Comment Gavin just admitted to Senator Roberts that they aren’t. They … Continue reading

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Icelandic Met Office Sells Out To Gavin

This is a huge story.  We are closing the noose on NASA climate fraud. The Canberra Times has an article today attacking Senator Roberts over a letter he sent questioning the adjustments NASA (i.e. GHCN) has made in Iceland. Senator Roberts … Continue reading

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