Climate Experts Suffering Polarity Issues

Climate experts say that Earth will pass 1.2C warming this year.


World likely to cross 1.2°C global warming level this year – The Hindu

It appears that they got their sign reversed, because Earth has cooled 1.2C over the past eight months.


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One Response to Climate Experts Suffering Polarity Issues

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The polarity will continue until the National Academy of Sciences admits responsibility for using its control over annual budgets of federal research agencies to build a false, technological web of deceit for globalists to hold and control humanity. See the paper on “Neutron repulsion” in “New Dawn of Truth” – The London 2016 Conference on 
Climate Change: Science & Geoethics (N.-A. Mörner, editor, ResearchGate Publication Number 30601327, 2016) pp. 86-87.

    Or read only the preprint of the paper on pp 86-87:

    If NAS admits the above empirical facts, we must avoid retaliation and work together to advance social justice and comprehension of humanity’s place in the vast cosmos.

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