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We gave a press conference in Parliament this morning which is now the #1 trend on Twitter in Australia. ABC scheduled me for a live Facebook chat at 1 PM, but chickened out after they realized I was going thrash them with actual facts. They also seem to have some difficulty spelling.


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  1. Neither spelling nor thinking is a requirement for employment at the ABC. Engaging in debate or examining the facts are not welcome at the ABC, where everyone has exactly the same Leftist opinion or is politely asked to resign. Congratulations on the great Press Conference which informs people where the ABC fails.

  2. John of Cloverdale, WA says:

    Have a great trip. Wish you were coming to Perth.

  3. Crowbar says:

    Welcome to Oz, Tony.

    I suspect he was having a dig at our English spelling of “organising’ rather than “organizing”. Or, he may have been pointing to the real typo – “effecting” should be “affecting.”

    For overseas readers, the ABC is our government-sponsored media conglomerate (TV, radio, internet) run exclusively by the Left, of the Left, and for the Left. Not at all surprised that they baled out of a session of truth on climate change. So typical.

    And by the way… GO TRUMP!!!

  4. Andy DC says:

    You have demonstrated first hand that human activity does affect climate. For example, your magical ability to change fall into spring by merely stepping on to an airplane.

  5. Robert says:

    Tony, the ABC is a joke and will run a mile from any serious discussion with someone who actually understands science. I wrote a detailed letter to them a few months ago pointing out some of the major faults with the AGW theory and got a very lame reply.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  6. Bob Grise says:

    Ok…it is late and I have had a couple drinks…so forgive me…(joke coming)… what is an Australian kiss? Same as a French kiss, but down under. :-) I have a cousin who lives in Melbourne. He loves it. He says Australia is like the U.S. but 40 years ago. But they are coming are way -sadly. My cousin has a part time job hunting varmits for the government. Until recently, when he trapped a pest of some sort, he would simply shoot it while it is caught in the trap. But Big Brother recently implemented a rule where he has to take the trapped creature to a vet to have it put to sleep humanely at a cost of about… high. Moral of the story, it won’t be long and there will be no place to hide from the PC world. Go TRUMP!!!

  7. Peter D says:

    My apologies from Queensland as I will be unable to get to your presentation. Too far. Good luck in being listened to.

  8. RAH says:

    So Sen. Roberts has two SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) on climate data that have flown 1,000s of miles to get there and have a press conference on the corruption of climate data. After a few on point questions they get questions about conspiracies, Jews, and non related stuff? Seems the Aussie press is every bit as clueless and inconsiderate as our own.

  9. Well, if it’s trending on Twitter, you can bet @jack will un-trend it ASAP if it has anything to do with truth.

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