Charlie Firth Goes Full Stupid Over Greenland

The other half of Charlie Firth’s stupidity lies over Greenland, where he showed a picture of completely normal Greenland glaciers as evidence that the ice is melting.


North Pole melting rate: In two years, the Arctic could be completely gone

Nothing in that picture shows evidence of anything unusual. About 500 billion tons of snow falls on Greenland every year, and it all has to return to the sea. It does this as rivers of water, and rivers of ice known as “glaciers.” Climate alarmists watch glaciers calving into the sea and weep, because they don’t understand basic science.

Greenland has gained a record amount of ice this autumn, about 50% above normal.


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

I flew over southeast Greenland last week. This is what it looked like. A giant frozen mass of snow and ice. Nothing is melting there.


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18 Responses to Charlie Firth Goes Full Stupid Over Greenland

  1. Analitik says:

    As one of The Chaser comedy group, that article is probably one of the best pieces of work that Charles Firth has ever produced – just not in the way he probably intended.

    It just shows that a degree in Social Science means nothing in terms of physical science.

  2. Latitude says:

    Tony, your pictures are outstanding!

  3. De Paus says:

    It is high time that Charlie Firth paid a visit to Greenland to look for himself for evidence of global warming. I suggest Qaanaaq would be a great place to start.

  4. Amir says:

    You do realize that the Danish Meteorological Institute (—which you have repeatedly cited in your posts—recognizes that global warming is affecting the climate, and is running climate models based on projections of future CO2 emissions?

    I mean, this is your source. Have any of you ever bothered to read the cited material?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      You do realize there are recognized definitions of argumentum ad verecundiam and non sequitur fallacies?

      I mean have you ever bothered to read the history of the Piltdown Man embarrassment and ask yourself why some very serious men kept looking for 45 years at a medieval human skull, an orangutan jaw and fossil chimpanzee teeth before they were forced to admit that everything they deduced from them was bunk?

      You clearly know how to ask suggestive questions but do you never ask yourself any real questions? Why are you not curious about what leads climate studies to those very obvious contradictions between theories and observations?

  5. John says:

    How can the North Pole disappear? Bad headline!

  6. John F Hultquist says:

    Anyone care to guess what happens when the snow and ice of Greenland and the Arctic region stops returning to the ocean?

  7. Steve Case says:

    There could be just two years left before the North Pole disappears

    Whether there is ice and snow on the North Pole or not doesn’t matter,
    the North Pole will still be there.

    Is this Firth guy really supposed to be a journalist?

    • 1saveenergy says:

      “Is this Firth guy really supposed to be a journalist?”

      Is this Firth guy a good journalist?

      He’s just a mediocre copy & paste churnalist & makes it 97% worse than we thought by quoting Wacky Wadhams.

  8. griff says:

    The surface mass budget only accounts for two thirds of change in the Greenland ice cap…

    Ice loss from the major glaciers has been increasing for the last 15 years.

  9. Kirye says:

    Hi, Tony, how are you doing?

    A glacier is written in kanji as ‘氷河’.
    The word ‘氷河’ also means a ‘river of ice’.

  10. Kirye says:

    A glacier is written in kanji as ‘氷河’.
    The word ‘氷河’ also means a ‘river of ice’.

    I have entered wrong my email address last time (-_-)

  11. I’m sure teachers in elementary schools are telling kids no more Santa Claus too!! Great pics Tony!! Trump better show the public that these folks are nothing but snake oil salesman!! #FAKE NEWS!!!

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