Climate Experts Expected To Continue Lying Right Up To January 20, 2017

The fake news Huffington Post says sea level at New York will rise six feet this century and they will have more heat waves.

New York City Could See Up To Six Feet Of Sea Level Rise This Century: Report | The Huffington Post

Apparently this panel of scientific experts didn’t look at any actual data. Over the past six years, sea level at both New York and Boston has fallen about two inches.

There has been no increase in the number of hot days in New York, which peaked in 1955.

Away from the urban heat island effect of Manhattan, New York State has seen a sharp decline in the number of hot days.

Nationally, the percent of hot days has also plummeted.

Everything they said was fake news, but to be fair to this team of climate experts morons, NASA’s top climate expert believes Lower Manhattan is already underwater.

Stormy weather –

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7 Responses to Climate Experts Expected To Continue Lying Right Up To January 20, 2017

  1. Steve Case says:

    Yeah, six feet by 2100 requires an average annual rate of 22 mm/yr and the rate since 1856 has been less than 3 mm/yr with no signs of any dramatic change.

    Even NOAA’s <a href="TEXT“>Climate at a Glance shows us that summer temperatures have been on the decline for over 80 years.

  2. Bob Grise says:

    Much of lower Manhattan used to be under water. Close to half of lower Manhattan has been reclaimed from the river/harbor over the past 300 some years to create expensive buildable ground. Our ancestors didn’t complain. They just took care of business.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Asa Sheldon of Wilmington MA filled in Boston back bay by cutting down Pemberton Hill and dumping it into the salt marsh.

      ‘Wilmington Farmer’ Asa Sheldon cut down Boston’s Pemberton Hill By Larz F. Neilson

      Sheldon hired some 250 men and 126 ox carts…

      Sheldon hauled the gravel to an area near the Causeway Street, where Jackson built a depot for the Boston and Lowell Railroad. The area comprised about eight acres, filled about 14 feet deep. The excavated area on the hill was about four acres, cut down 55 feet…

      Sheldon completed it in exactly five months, on Oct. 5, 1835.

      Too bad Trump can’t hire Sheldon to rebuild some of our roads and highways. “Much of Sheldon’s work was on the railroads. He built roadbed and several bridges for the Boston and Lowell Railroad, which opened in 1835.”

      • Bob Grise says:

        Interesting post Gail. It is so ridiculous that we are to fear a sea rise of a few feet over hundreds of years that probably won’t happen. Even if it happened, so what. Our local college recently decided to turn a corn field into a huge athletic complex with a couple baseball and soccer fields. They hired dozens of dump trucks and a few loaders and bulldozers to level the middle of the field that was about ten feet higher than the edges. It took less than 2 weeks to do the job. Probably enough fill was moved to raise the West river road in Manhattan 3 feet, or use to build a 10 foot dike.. Two weeks it took. Less time than congress takes off for every single national holiday.

  3. Dougmanxx says:

    Every time you bust out that Salon article, I wait breathlessly to see if Tony Duncan will once again rise up from obscurity to defend his hero.

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