Not Only The Worst, But The Stupidest

President Obama spent eight years playing golf, when he wasn’t busy doubling the national debt, doubling health care costs, creating ISIS and being a bad comedian.

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  1. RAH says:

    History that will be written and accepted years after all of us are gone.

  2. R. Shearer says:

    He doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Greg Raven says:

    Clearly, Obama is in the running for the most stupid president, but the title of worst president must go to Abraham Lincoln, whose obsession with the “federal union” resulted in the deaths of 600,000+ Americans, and the radical expansion and centralization of power in DC. I know Obama wished he could have achieved that level of destruction, but … drugs.

    • Bill Johnson says:

      I completely agree. I get so sick of hearing Lincoln’s praises for being a bastion of conservatism, and “ending slavery,” and when that wasn’t his goal at all. If you read his own speeches and letters, you find that he was a Federalist who basically wanted to destroy the 9th & 10th Amendments, which were passed in order for the Anti-federalist states to ratify the Constitution. In his relentless pursuit of federal power, He
      -suspended habeas corpus and the right to a trial
      -instituted the first illegal income tax
      -Invaded the South without the consent of Congress
      -Started the nation’s first compulsory draft
      -Imprisoned between 12-30,000 Northern anti-war protestors without trial
      -Declared martial law that put millions under military rule
      -Blockaded Southern ports without a declaration of war (forcing the South into a fight),
      -Deported representatives that publically opposed him (Clement Vallandigham),
      -Confiscated private property, including guns
      -Jailed owners and editors of newspapers that criticized him & censored all newspapers and telegraphs (can you spell NSA?)
      -Nationalized the railroads
      -Arbitrarily created three new states to boost the Republican Party’s electoral vote, and…
      -Ordered troops to interfere in Northern elections on the side of Republicans (REAL vote rigging. And it wasn’t the Russians)

      • T. M says:

        “the 9th & 10th Amendments, which were passed in order for the Anti-federalist states to ratify the Constitution.”

        Partly right. The Constitution was ratified June 21, 1788 (NH) and the Bill of Rights was passed by the First Congress and ratified Dec 15, 1791. Having a list of rights was a key discussion point in VA, but the Constitution was ratified without it.

        • RAH says:

          The deal for the BOR to be implemented in the first congress was made between the Federalists and the Antifederalists to allow ratification to happen in the first place. The Federalists, despite their papers, simply did not have the votes without making that agreement and thought the BOR while not damaging to the Constitution was not needed because the Constitution granted the Federal Government no power to infringe upon the rights and powers of the states beyond those specifically stated. It would have taken a second Constitutional Convention to include the BOR in the base document of the Constitution and so the deal was struck to avoid that.

          I have always been amazed how so many of the founders which understood the evils inherent in any form of government thought that the guarantees of fundamental liberties and rights of the individuals and States were self evident in the Constitution since it gave the Federal government no mandate to infringe upon them beyond those articles that granted specific powers to the government and that and that there was no need for a BOL. That was their argument all along even during the Constitutional Convention when the majority of the delegation from Pennsylvania contingent first proposed a BOR.

      • Kent Clizbe says:

        Excellent summary of St Lincoln’s crimes and misdemeanors.

        And you didn’t even get into his war crimes–his complicity in Sherman’s “total war” devastation of civilian infrastructure.

        Lincoln’s crimes against the South make Obama’s unconstitutional drone assassinations of American citizens small potatoes.

        • RAH says:

          The Union won and Lincoln led the Union during that win. He was also re-elected during the war despite the tremendous casualties far outnumbering what Americans suffered in any war. So get over it.

          It is quite disingenuous to claim that those that revolted against the government and fought against it were at the same time protected by that Governments Constitution. No government could survive that for long and the Constitution was not and hopefully never will become a death pact for the Union. Besides the claim that a Union blockade of any southern port caused the war is pure Bull Shit! And I guess you figure the formation of the nation of Taiwan was illegal also.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Some think, Zachary Taylor, if he had lived would have prevented the Civil War.

          It is thought that Taylor was poisoned. Interesting take on the results of recent findings. I am going to include excerpts since we are interested in Junk Science and Fake News and this ‘Not poisoned’ certainly looked like another case.

          The question was asked on the forum “. I take it you don’t believe the results of the testing that was done when Taylor’s remains were exhumed and examined?”
          The reply was long but these are the interesting parts.

          No I don’t. Michael Parenti’s argument is too strong.

          New Political Science, Volume 20, Number 2, 1998 141
          The Strange Death of President Zachary Taylor:
          A Case Study in the Manufacture of Mainstream History
          Michael Parenti

          …..On the evening of July 4, 1850, President Taylor suddenly sickened. Five days later he died….

          Clara Rising, a writer. In the course of doing a book about Taylor…. enlisted the cooperation of the Jefferson County coroner in Louisville, Kentucky. Zachary Taylor’s crypt was opened on June 17, 1991. Fingernail, hair, and tissue samples, along with bone scrapings, were removed from his body, and tests were run at three different laboratories….

          [Attempts to get the report and ensuing runaround]

          ….He eventually mailed us a copy of what appeared to be the medical examiner’s statement.
          Entitled “Results of Exhumation of Zachary Taylor,” the report is a little over three pages, double-spaced, with no date, location, or letterhead. Though written in the first person, it lists no author….

          The symptoms and duration of Zachary Taylor’s disorder are historically and medically compatible with acute arsenic poisoning and many natural diseases. Symptoms begin within 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal cramping pain, burning epigastric pain, and bloody diarrhea. Death usually results within 24 hours to 4 days it is my opinion that Zachary Taylor died as the result of one of a myriad of natural diseases which would have produced the symptoms of “gastroenteritis.”
          Lastly, the symptoms which he exhibited and the rapidity of his death are clearly consistent with acute arsenic poisoning.9

          Taylor’s symptoms included abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, burning epigastric pain, and severe thirst. Though not mentioned in the report, severe thirst is a common symptom of arsenic poisoning. While the report asserts that a “myriad of natural diseases” fit this clinical picture, it names none…

          [Discussion back and forth with Dr.]

          Judging from Greathouse’s own comments, food poisoning seems to be the only other malady that fits Taylor’s symptoms. With food poisoning there comes the sudden onset of stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea an hour or so after eating—but not five days of agony and not the raging thirst, peculiar weakness in the legs, and rarely the death that comes with arsenic poisoning.

          Exactly how much arsenic was found in Taylor’s remains?

          Since arsenic is present in the atmosphere, anyone tested today would range from 0.2 to 0.6 of a microgram per gram, or parts per million (ppm).’4 The colorimetric spectrophotometry tests done on Taylor’s hair and nails, conducted by Michael Ward, a forensic scientist with the Kentucky Department of Health Services, found up to 1.9 micrograms per gram of arsenic in Taylor’s hair sample—three to nine times the modern-day rate.

          His nail sample revealed 3.0 ppm—five to 15 times higher than today’s normal range.15

          Taylor spent his life on his Louisiana and Kentucky plantations, on army bases in Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri, and Louisiana, and his last 15 months, mostly in Washington, DC. None of these sites had any industrial pollution to speak of. He should have had much less arsenic in him than do people exposed to today’s chemicalized environment. In fact, he had substantially more, although apparently not a lethal amount…..

          …However, a sectional analysis of that same victim’s hair (an analysis of specific portions of the hair shaft that grew during the time immediately after poisoning) revealed a value of 10.38 micrograms per gram, or 17—51 times higher than the “normal” modern range.7 As already noted, Taylor’s level, though only of the gross sample, was still three to nine times higher…

          In the above interview, Greathouse added an interesting comment: Taylor’s symptoms were congruent with acute arsenic poisoning, the result of one lethal dosage, as opposed to chronic poisoning, involving ingestion of smaller amounts over a protracted period. At the post-mortem, Taylor’s nails were removed in their entirety and hair samples were extracted in whole shafts. Even if Taylor had been poisoned, most of the hair and nail substance would have been free of high concentrations of arsenic—having been produced long before the poisoning. As already noted, acute dosages measure fairly low when a gross-sample analysis is done but are much higher when a sectional analysis is performed of the specific portion of hair that grew immediately after the poisoning. To test properly for acute poisoning, one would have to test only the base of the nail and root end of the hair, the minute portions that had grown out during Taylor’s illness, the last five days of his life…..


          So it sure looks like Taylor died of acute arsenic poisoning.

          Who would benefit from a Civil War? Why England and France who wanted their colonies back and could have easily taken over the USA once it was exhausted from a Civil War.

          Why didn’t they? Because the Russian Tzar threatened to attack from the east if they did.

          Interesting that the US/EU bankers not only funded the Bolshevik Revolution but helped transport those intent on overthrowing the new Russian government. These are the same people who completely wiped out his family five decades later.

  4. Steve Case says:

    Lyndon Johnson was the worst. He was the one mostly responsible for getting thousands killed in Viet Nam, and gave us his war on poverty which only locked poverty in with government handouts. He knew he couldn’t win a 2nd term. Carter didn’t have the blood of thousands on his hands. Obama merely got us in hock to the tune of $20 Trillion.

  5. Catfish says:


    I know you will find this hard to believe….

    Texas A&M Study Calls Obama 5th Best President in America .
    Good research work by a fine institution.


    >From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the 5th best. The A&M’s Public Relations Office released this statement “After 8 years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best President ever.”

    These are the details according to Texas A&M:

    1. Reagan & Lincoln tied for first,

    2. Twenty three presidents tied for second,

    3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third,

    4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and

    5. Obama came in fifth.

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