The Fake News Reaches Fever Pitch


The war on America by the MSM is in full swing now.


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12 Responses to The Fake News Reaches Fever Pitch

  1. Simon Platt says:

    That’s the best map I’ve seen. Shows the counties very clearly. Jolly good show!

    • Gail Combs says:

      That map is a really good put down for the ‘Hillary won the popular vote’ meme. (Amazing how having illegals vote helps increase the vote count…)

      • ltregulate says:

        This map does show Riverside County in So Cal in red. Unfortunately, that is incorrect.

      • John F Hultquist says:

        This year in the World Series, the two teams each scored 27 runs. So that’s a tie.
        In the 1960’s World Series, the Yankees scored 55 runs while the Pirates scored only 27.
        So that’s a win for the Yankees.
        This concept is not an original for me, but I’ve looked up the 1960 score.
        Anyone claiming that Hillary won will likely agree with the World Series results above.
        This just shows they do not understand the game (Baseball) nor the rules of US presidential elections. Thus, they ought not be allowed to vote.

  2. gator69 says:

    Hillary won the rotten urban centers, the worst of our culture voted overwhelmingly for her.

  3. John F Hultquist says:

    Apparently Salman Rushdie started this Manchurian candidate** thing;
    see this:
    a “sleeper” secretly working for Hillary Clinton to divide, demoralise and destroy the Republicans.

    If Pres. Putin picked this up and used it to twist the knickers of the MSM and Dem-snowflakes, it just shows he is very good at what he does. You don’t have to like him but he has performed way above the US executive branch over the past 8 years.

    **The original movie is from 1962, in black and white.

  4. Reasonable Skeptic says:

    Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert, but from what I know Facebook has been around for at least a couple of years…… so it makes me wonder why all of a sudden “fake news” is all the rage in the media.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Donald Trump won the election. Conservative sites worked very hard to get him elected and to spread the information found in the Wikileaks about Hillary.

  5. Steve Case says:

    Hillary’s won mostly in states that don’t have voter ID.

    The opposite is true for Trump.

    The last time Wisconsin voted Republican for President was 1984. What changed? This is the first year Wisconsin required voter ID. Democrats know they can’t win if they can’t cheat. That’s why they oppose voter ID laws. It really is that simple.

  6. Brian G Valentine says:

    The most telling thing about the picture is California.

    Hillary won the coast because Obama put money into Silicon Valley and immigration and movie star pal wannabees.

    The rest of the state lives in poverty because of watermelon communism.

    It is HORRIBLE in mid-California. Jerry Brown put these people into purgatory because he loved global warming so much

  7. Don says:

    Mexifornia gave 800,000 illegals DL’s the past 2 years, and that comes with automatic voter registration.

    NYC and L A County were the popular vote difference. The EC working just as the Founders intended.

    Now Mexifornia has hired Eric Holder, the man that was held in contempt of the House, to do battle against the Trump administration.

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