Thinking Like A Progressive

Jerry Brown has spent $70 billion on a train to nowhere, because he believes a train can end thousands of years of cyclical California drought.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.57.07 AM

California drought : San Jose Mercury New

But he has spent nothing installing sprinklers in nightclubs.


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  1. Lasse says:

    Why spend money in sprinklers with no water in the reservoirs?
    He has at least logic!
    The fire and all lives that is lost is tragic.
    As well as his ignorance to nature.
    Date can be adjusted to see his desperate need for water in January 2014.

  2. gator69 says:

    How many mass killings by nightclubs must we endure before common sense anti-clubbing legislation is passed?

    It’s time to limit clubs to 6 people or less, civilians must be restricted to square dancing, and we must demand background checks to insure that flammable people are no longer allowed to endanger those in flame-free zones.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “It’s time to limit clubs to 6 people or less, civilians must be restricted to square dancing”

      That’s a bit unfair..

      two people have to miss out !

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      “…we must demand background checks to insure that flammable people are no longer allowed to endanger those in flame-free zones.”

      You pyrophobic! How dare you discriminate against those unfortunate souls who are prone to spontaneous human combustion.

      These aren’t Americas values or ideals!

  3. Gail Combs says:

    That fire was a complete disaster from so many angles.
    link 1

    link 2

    It was a warehouse run against code as a residence and party place. Flammables up the wazoo, haphazard over loaded wiring, open flames, over crowded with stuff and people, no alarms, no sprinklers, no decent additional exits, with a bunch of spaced out druggies in attendance.

    WORSE the guy running it “Mr. Almena was serving a sentence of three years’ probation, having pleaded no contest in January to a felony charge of receiving stolen property.” The building was under investigation for code violations but when the fire lassies knocked no one would answer the door so they went away. Now the Mayor (female) the Fire Chief (female) and the Chief of Police (female) are all wring thier hands and having the vapors. In a discussion with a reporter the mayor said that the city is working hard to create safe spaces. “creating safe vibrant spaces for Oakland’s artist community is a priority for the city and for me as a mayor”


    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    (In NYC, in the case of fire code violations they are libel to use an AXE on the door…)


    104.3 Right of entry. The commissioner and his or her authorized representatives, in the discharge of their duties, shall have the right to enter upon and inspect, at all reasonable times, any building, structure, facility, premises, marine vessel, watercraft, vehicle or any part thereof, for the purpose of determining compliance with the requirements this code and other applicable laws, rules and regulations enforced by the department. If access is not obtained, the commissioner shall have recourse to remedies provided by law to secure entry….

    104.11.2 Obstructing representatives of the department. It shall be unlawful to obstruct, interfere with or otherwise hamper any representative of the department in conducting any inspection, issuing any notice, order or violation, or otherwise enforcing the provisions of this code, or any other law, rule or regulation enforced by the department, or otherwise executing the performance of his or her lawful duties….

    • The only “safe space” I want is a safe space from idiots who talk about “safe spaces”.

    • Frank K. says:

      “It was a warehouse run against code as a residence and party place.”

      And this, my friends, is progressivism in a nutshell.

      Progressives want government to run every aspect of our lives, but then ignore those rules when it comes to their own lawless and irresponsible lifestyles. It reminds me of when George Harrison visited San Francisco in 1967. He went there to see the “beautiful people” of Haight-Ashbury, but instead found out they were all drug addicts wasting their lives away…

    • annieoakley says:

      Re: Gail. Just unbelievable, criminal lack of responsibility by all of the officials. Just criminal. They knew better, every last one of them. There are NO excuses for this. No one can even operate a storage facility with a fire alarm panel tying every smoke and heat detector to the panel. And the panel has to have the back up ability to send the the alarm without electricity. This is even if the entire storage facility is empty of any THING let alone a human being.

  4. AndrewS says:

    when Proglodytes rule… :/

  5. Colorado Wellington says:

    OT, kind of, sort of, not really …

    This could not be happening to a more deserving man:

    State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s witch hunt against supposed “climate-science deniers” became an even more embarrassing debacle late last month — and just might wind up ending his career.

    A state judge ruled in favor of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a think tank whose Freedom of Information request the AG had denied. That gave Schneiderman 30 days to cough up documents concerning his agreements with other states’ AGs, and with a group of green activists, about their joint persecution of ExxonMobile and other entities for supposed “climate fraud.”

    On a second thought, there are other performers just as deserving as AG Schneiderman. It’s a crowded field.

  6. LOL in Oregon says:

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk,
    What do you have against
    …clueless, unskilled, inexperienced, lying, pointy-haired bosses
    ……….. micromanaging YOU!

    They have the “true” faith!
    and will follow orders to eliminate the “surplus population”, unseen in obscure countries!

    After all, the good, compliant drones Citizens of Penam are aghast
    ….that the deplorable rubes in fly over country are unhappy with the Hunger Games!

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Progressivism truly is a mental disease. That has now been confirmed.

    Top EU Official Solicited for Refugees at Funeral of Daughter Brutally Raped/Murdered by One

    Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was viciously assaulted on a cycle path. DNA tied the rape-murder to a 17-year old Afghan migrant who was allowed into Germany…

    She was brutally raped and then drowned. The doctors weren’t sure if she died from internally bleeding from the rape or the drowning/choking.

    The migrant pleaded guilty to the attack and will be sentenced next year….

    The dead girl’s father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission. He is also an elected representative of the Germany Catholic Church. In that position he advocated refugee issues….
    If you think he learned to be more cautious, you would be wrong. At her funeral in Brussels, Belgium, her father solicited donations for two charities, one for Muslims in Bangladesh, the other for local Muslim refugee illegals inside Germany….

    ….his other daughter, Barbara Ladenburger, who is currently on a Catholic mission in Latin America. It doesn’t appear that she went home for the funeral (which was in Brussels), nor does she even mention Maria in her posts after her rape and murder:

    However never fear the German government is taking action!

    Of course the German government are mostly concerned that this murder might stimulate “Islamophobia”, and warned that facebook posts about the murder will be examined for any hints of anti-immigration sentiment.

    “We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them,” said Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel link

    Gabriel is a real sweetie.
    ” Gabriel called to hunt down and lock up anybody protesting uncontrolled mass immigration. He refers to nationalists as “lowlife scum, unworthy of being called German” and implied that any refugee is more German than a nationalist could ever be.” link

    Reuters isn’t quite so nice: Germany’s Gabriel compares anti-immigrant AfD party to Nazis

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