Second Fastest Global Cooling On Record



Over the past nine months, troposphere temperatures have dropped by 0.6C (1.1F.)  This is the second largest nine month drop on record, exceeded only by January 1999.

Gavin Schmidt at NASA blamed last year’s spike on man-made carbon dioxide, in sharp contrast to honest scientists who understood that it was due to El Nino. We have cold times ahead of us.


10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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20 Responses to Second Fastest Global Cooling On Record

  1. An Inquirer says:

    My impression is that this much of a severe 9 month drop is not showing up in UAH. The UAH series has been quite flat for the last 6 months.

  2. RAH says:

    Yes, the effects of the El Nino finally are dissipating. The effects of a La Nina and how deep it will go remain to be seen. We’re in for a cold and snowy winter it seems. The guys of weatherbell have been predicting this since the beginning of October. Expect heavy lake effect snows since the Great lakes have been relatively warm.

    In anticipation of the hard winter coming I went on a rant to a dispatcher at work about how stupid they have been in the past because they don’t pay attention to weather forecasts. My intent being for them to start doing a better job of anticipating the weather. I told them that several times in the past they have unnecessarily tried to send me into the teeth of a blizzard and each time I had to inform them of the reality of the weather and road conditions. From now on I’m done doing their damned jobs for them and will just go where they send me and when I get stuck I’ll move the truck again when the road conditions permit so they might as well figure on losing my services for days at a time when they do that kind of thing.

    Now they’re giving me the cold shoulder. I don’t care. The truth hurts and they needed to hear the truth even if they will reject it. They really can’t make my job much harder than it already is. And I meant what I said. They send me into that stuff and I will sit until it melts. Never again will I dig my truck out and go out on roads when there is a snow emergency in effect. Never!

    • Robertv says:

      Yep, it has no sense to risk yours and other people’s life in those conditions. Remember that when things go wrong they will always but the blame on you.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Good for you RAH

      You might send that info up the ladder BTW so when the SHTF and it will, the great outhouse in the sky falls on the idiotic dispatcher.

  3. TA says:

    “My impression is that this much of a severe 9 month drop is not showing up in UAH. The UAH series has been quite flat for the last 6 months.”

    Look at the UAH chart posted above. Each little dot on the trendline represents a month. The hottest point of the year 2016 was during Feb. 2016, which is the highest dot of 2016, and we are now down to Nov. 2016. The difference, just eyeballing, looks like about a 0.4C drop from the high. The month of November came in a little hotter than October and if you look carefully you can see its dot is a little higher than October’s.

    Slight blips up in temperaure from one month to another in an El Nino downtrend are not unusual. You can see that this also happened during the downtrend of the 1998 El Nino, although it’s a little tough to make it out with the red trendline overlaying it.

    My expectation is that the temperature chart profile going forward from this 2016 El Nino year will resemble the profile we have had after the 1998 El Nino. There is no reason to think it will be any different. We’ve had a very hot El Nino year and now things are going to settle back down.

  4. Bleakhouses says:

    Page 25 of this mornings New York Times has an article titled “Scientists Reject Claim Pinning Heat on El Nino.” Now, if you read the whole article its not quite so ridiculous as the title, the article discusses that the current trend is increasing and the 2016 peak was caused by a combo of climate change and El Nino. Of course the article took a shot at Breitbart News, because that is the new strategy of the MSM. None the less Im quite certain that lots of people will just consume that headline without reading the article and claim that El Nino had nothing to do with last years peaks. I will laugh at them struggling with shoveling their driveways as I cut through the next 28″ dump with my new 10hp snow blower.

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The whole world is mentally-ill, sickened by realization that government science was misused to take totalitarian control of the world, and scientists were too caught up in self to see it.

    Nations and national academies of sciences were united on 24 OCT 1945 to hide the source of energy in atomic bombs – NEUTRON REPULSION – an empirical fact clearly recorded in rest masses of atoms.

    Fifty-seven years later BBC News admited Kuroda secretly retained a personal copy Japan’s successful design for atomic bombs:

    World leaders and guilt-ridden scientists were told they were saving the world from nuclear annihilation by hiding “nuclear secrets” from the public, but Kuroda realized this as abuse of science to gain totalitarian control of the world.

    In 1956, Kuroda showed there are, in fact, NO “nuclear secrets” to hide. Uranium deposits became self-sustaining nuclear fission reactors on Earth two billion years (2 Ga) ago, without assistance from mankind.

    In 1972 scientists of the French Atomic Energy Commission discovered self-sustaining nuclear reactors had burned spontaneously in the Oklo Mine in Africa.

    Trying to maintain the UN globalist delusion of nuclear secrets>/b>,” the Scientific American described Oklo as an extremely unlikely event:

  6. tomB says:

    Our first taste of global warming in southeast Wisconsin right on schedule. I thought we had passed a tipping point &wouldn’t see snow anymore

  7. aeroguy48 says:

    Do you think January 21st 2017, Gavin Schmidt will declare that the world has stopped warming, then retire, having done his job?

  8. AndyG55 says:

    OK, can someone help me.

    Has RSS been adjusting data upwards?

    I don’t know when I downloaded the RSS data I have been using, but I was trying to replicated Tony’s graph and could not get his value of -0.603

    Since I first downloaded, I have just been adding each new month as it came in.

    Today I download the whole of RSS from

    And the data has been changed. October and November are the same, but nearly everything has been bumped up considerably.

    New (downloaded today) – minus – Old.. downloaded ???? but updated monthly is graphed below. (note, I use 2015 in the graph title, because I think that is about when I would have grabbed the full data, but I ‘m not at all sure.)

    Does anyone know if RSS have accounted or given reasons for these changes.. have I missed a notification or something ??

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