Bad Data And Bad Data Practices

Normally I focus on data tampering and fraud by NASA and NOAA, but there is another big problem. Their surface temperature data itself is garbage.

There are very few stations with long term records in South America, but one of them is the Mendoza, Argentina airport. That thermometer shows more than 1.5C warming since 1979, but satellite temperatures at that location show very little warming.

Surface and satellite temperatures are diverging there at a rate of almost three degrees per century.

The thermometer is located at an airport on the edge of a large urban area.

Mendoza appears to be warming, but it has nothing to do with climate.

Policy is being driven by bad data and bad data practices, emanating from fake scientists at government agencies.

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3 Responses to Bad Data And Bad Data Practices

  1. David Snope says:

    We can certainly see urban sprawl filling in the farm fields while growing out to the Mendoza airport from 1984 forward using Google Earth’s nifty new timelapse tool:,-68.79789,10.454,latLng&t=1.04

    • gregole says:



      Temperature stations with massive-scale urban development need to be eliminated from the record, since to my knowledge, there is no way to establish the actual warming from UHI with any degree of precision. We only know it introduces a heating bias, welcomed and uncritically accepted by anti-science warmunists.

  2. BallBounces says:

    Yes, but it is man-made. We have to eliminate airports as soon as possible, and expose Big Airport funding of denier climate studies. #OHareknew

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