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My First Online Video

I’ve been getting lots of requests to do video presentations. Here is the first one, about the extreme weather of 1936.

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Building Her Nest

She found a twig she likes in a neighboring tree. She spent a couple of minutes fighting with it. She got it, and is headed back to the nest. The nest is about two inches taller than it was yesterday.

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One Of The Most Fraudulent NOAA/EPA Graphs

NOAA, NASA and the EPA specialize in generating fraudulent climate graphs, but few are easier to disprove or more fraudulent than this one, which shows that the area of the US experiencing hot summers is increasing and has reached record … Continue reading

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Climate Activists Destroying The Environment

As a lifelong environmentalist, I became aware about a decade ago that the number one threat to the environment is people pushing the global warming scam. No place more so than Boulder, Colorado where I live. Under the direction of Bill … Continue reading

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